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Comment $5 pizza specials, anyone? (Score 1) 573

No, you half-witted monkey, the reason we aren't paying for it is because it is not affordable and the quality of service at present is questionable. What we need is Papa John's, Little Caesar's, Pizza Hut, Domino's, and another thousand like minded entities to diversify the market. Once it's cheap who would not spend a little extra for the speed increase? For example, if the large drink is only moderately more expensive than the small, you always get the: "For an extra 50 cents you can get 128 ounces, wanna upgrade?" They don't care about innovating as much as they do about making money. Give me last year's best for less. That's how technology works.

Comment Bias much? (Score 2) 758

I wish the bias weren't so obvious in the post. They might as well have said that all conservatives are actually apes and that liberals are so advanced because they are willing to throw away anything old for something new and shiny. New equals better, always, and therefore opposition of a new bill rightly makes one a monkey. There are a great many things that are replaceable and worth looking at in regards to reform; there are other things still which don't need to be tampered with because they work. It has everything to do with our definitions of broken. Perhaps opposition can bring about some good, and having either party run unchecked would probably be disastrous. We should know this by now. Liberal doesn't equal good any more than Conservative equals bad. On the contrary, they are both beginning to mean very little of worth in my mind.

Comment Re:OFFS! (Score 2) 159

In my high school we had to make powerpoint presentations in a shop class about ______ subject, which was completely worthless. If you give a class a few raspberry pis, some breadboards, a manual, and minimal instruction, you can bet you'll see creativity at its best. Show an example of how its used, and some practical tools and by the end of a course some kid will have programmed lights for the theater class' play. It could be a failure, but it could be a lot of fun. Kids like to have some creative time and so do I, even at nearly 30 years of age. Which would you rather have: a) read this article over and over until our 40 minutes have expired; b) find out how to install program x, and give me a 'hello world' program?

Comment Re:A strange game.... (Score 1) 597

It doesn't help that even the wider international community applies the double standard of congratulating most countries on their space programmes while condemning NK. Why would India be allowed such a programme when NK isn't?

India is allowed a space program because they are not belligerent, starving millions of their own citizens for the perpetuation of their regime. If you show yourself to have good intentions and play by international rules then things generally go well. If you prove to be untrustworthy, how can any request be taken seriously? No one really believes they have peaceful intentions by perfecting their rockets. They never say what they mean.

Comment Help? (Score 1) 143

I know this might sound absurd, but if we care about the environment and want to make a statement to the world, how about we offer some sort of assistance (not necessarily financial) to Beijing to put them on the right track? All of our complaining and pointing fingers and we don't even care about the lives at stake. They have a problem, we should help them make it better however we can. It's lives as stake here!

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