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Comment Re:Here's my question : (Score 1) 284

What? You really think it's all about liberating some poor saps in Afghanistan that been that way for the last few millennia? Not even the soviets that could deal with heavy losses could take over Afghanistan, neither the brits with their strategies and mixed armies after nearly taking over quarter of the world. Even Alexander the Great avoided them. And now USA is there just of pure altruism? Stop watching fox news, talibans are not alqaeda. Iraq really needed that liberation so that USA and the brits could get all those nice contracts.

Comment Re:No such thing as fundamentalist atheist (Score 1) 284

I doubt someone would stop you to leave unless you apostate while they can stop you leaving. Ever heard about those SMART asylum seekers apostate when reaching their future host country and not before leaving their home country. I.e. that saudi reporter or whatever that was taken down by interpol. He had no problem leaving the country, his only problem was that he decided to apostate while he was still in saudi arabia, and very publicly so when he did it everyone knew it, so they took him down while he was en route to his safe destination (NZ/AU).

Comment Re:WTF? (Score 1) 922

Funny enough, plenty people are going to find Zimmerman a scary dude and probably other latinos living in fenced off places. So he shouldn't be to surprised when someone puts a bullet in him because they got scared of a wanna-be militia man running around with an "assault pistol something" (isn't that what his gun was?).

Comment Re:WTF? (Score 1) 922

We are experiencing this in Sweden at the moment. He is a psychological doctor that was in an investigation concerning children from war torn countries apathy where his conclusions based on racism instead of medical and psychological science had very hard consequences on these children. It resulted instead of them getting the help they needed to deal with their suffering they were called liars and expelled from Sweden and returned back to war and families split.

Do we really need people who can't separate personal opinion especially when it comes to racism to have such an important jobs where they have to deal with people of all creeds and races? Considering the consequences that might have on individuals and society as whole? Especially when they are not smart enough to see beyond bigoted pseudoscience and instead deal with individuals.

Comment Re:GAMBLING FUNDS TERRORISM!!!11! (Score 0) 354

I'm not going to argue with you, but your self-importance and naivite is astounding. I do not think they bother about "our freedoms" that we have and live with ourself. Only when we try to force "our freedoms" and value system upon them in their own countries and cultures they will fight back and criticize, just like we are criticizing them. The screaming and burning flag matches are childish and should not end up with war. But it is obvious that we get way more upset when some backward oil rich kingdom thinks we suck than when some backward canadian holed up in some mountain hole. Everyone says their country is better and that the others are backwards and losers.

Comment It is interesting how U.S. corporations and govern (Score 1) 354

It is interesting how U.S. corporations and government is doing all it can to destroy their market for business and influx of money for the sake of shortsighted economical benefits. They are setting up themselves and their corporations to be strong armed by other jurisdictions who will use this as an excuse to protect their markets and businesses. And what about scaring off foreign investors all ccTLDs that are under U.S. companies are going now to be avoided. The U.S. brand is dying slowly because of stupidity and greed. Welcome to the 21st century.

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