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Comment Re:RAID is kind of Important (Score 1) 208

he's also neglecting the fact that very few of those drives have anything but a 5400 or even 4200rpm drive in them. at least the 2.5 ones i bought. but since i tend to by 7200 for my laptops anyway, buying an enclosure (discount electronic stores periodically have enclosures on sale for $5-10) and using a drive i had laying around is a lot cheaper, and the drives end up being faster.

Comment Re:Missing from the summary (Score 1) 286

i think maybe it depends on how quickly you drink it. i have a cup before i leave for work, another when i get to work, maybe one more before lunch. usually at least another after i get back from lunch, and sometimes one before i leave work.

Comment Re:Specificity (Score 1) 374

I would actually hope this wouldn't be the case, or there would be some way to be customizable. people who have family in certain area might want to know when grandma is in the path of a tsu-nucle-ricane-flood, and for when you're travelling, maybe to know that you shouldn't have put down fertilizer because of the torrential rainstorm heading your way.

Comment Re:U-Verse - your guess is as good as mine (Score 1) 250

Because U-Verse TV service is IP-delivered, I'd like assurances that they're not including this traffic in any metering - I'm already paying for this content and its delivery on the 'TV' portion of my bill.

Whoa there..if you'll look at your contract, you'll clearly note that you've got unlimited TV content delivery *within reason*. I mean if you're going to have your TV on 24/7, receiving content, that's obviously going to have an impact on the infrastructure. It wouldn't be fair to the other uses of the service if everyone want to just watch as much TV as they can. Maybe we need metered TV...

AT&T Customer Disservice

Comment very carefully (Score 1) 680

i have four old desktops i came across years ago. all old p3 systems. i threw linux on one, setup gallery, and samba, and stored all our family photos there.

i keep the photos stored as images in the gallery application, and in their original format on a samba share the wife and kids can access.

another box has the same setup, and rsync's anything new nightly. that box sits upstairs, away from the original box, and is inaccessible to anyone else but me.

a third box, again setup the same way, is at a friendly location with a high-speed connection. weekly the second server sends everything up to that third box.

the fourth box is spare parts for the other three.

this is not the best solution, but one i came up with given my budget. after several years of using this, they all now have sata/pci cards, and 500GB-1TB drives.

Comment Re:Another salvo in the war (Score 3, Interesting) 268

Russian Federation suffers worst information harvest in 55 years... Internet access and wireless riots in Poland. Blackwater invades... Cuba and Nicaragua reach registered ISP customer goals of 500,000. El Salvador and Honduras datacenters fall... Greens Party gains control of German Communication Infrastructure. Demands withdrawal of German references from Wikileaks... Mexico plunged into digital revolution... NATO dissolves. United States stands alone.

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