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Comment And so we see (Score 4, Interesting) 241

That the virtuous Apple only appears so when it can bend the law to cover itself.

And when it can't it appears as dirty as those it condemns.

Thus Apple's virtue is merely an accident of timing.

And in this case the clock starts ticking only when the judges are content. So draw it out, Apple, draw it out, and show the world the difference between Apple and Samsung.

Comment Re:the maiming and killing must be ok with them (Score 2) 1160


It's the same mind-set as the anti-chick-a-fil protestors and the anti-google protestors

both designed to shut down expression of opposing views.

Only the anti-chick-a-fil protesters are out numbered by the anti-google protesters and a lot less violent.

Comment Re:Why not NICs instead of graphics? (Score 2) 178

Yes but the trouble is the authenticating agent can't know what the result is supposed to be or how it differs without having a "model" of the card from which to predict this.

So the technique is only useful to see if the same results are produced as last time... which is easy to fake

If the authenticating agent did have such a "model" then so could anyone else, and the model definition would be comparable to a key used to encrypt the input to make the output by means of the model emulation environment.

Comment Re:The trouble is. . . (Score 3, Informative) 105

Keep track isn't hard. Telco's already have optimisation for tcp re-delivery from the mobile gateway so that the distant sender doesn't have to re-send the missing packet, the telco can do that.

This service improves tcp performance over a mobile network and is important for customer retention.

Maybe not all telco's do it but I doubt it.

Comment Re:Nah (Score 2) 550

I think he means a non privileged user inserted some values via a prepared statement which became active web content (maybe unescaped javascript - but not unescaped sql !).

That content was then viewed by an admin on another machine at which point the java script executed and could submit web pages with actions with admin privileges.

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