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Comment What's good for the stiock price (Score 1, Interesting) 360

Sometimes, what's good for the stock-price is not good for the business.

Maybe he had to be "decisive" and "strategic" in order to survive so he went boldly ahead to exit the DVD-by-mail business and preserved investor confidence at the expense of the business, even though he wasn't sure it was a good idea.

Comment You don't (Score 1) 164

You don't have a kernel security bug in the word processor, you have it in the kernel.

The word processor makes kernel calls all the time; usually wrapped in crt.dll and cpp.dll calls but it's kernel calls in the end.

Opening a file and locking a file requires a kernel call.

Comment 2002 called and they want their... (Score 4, Interesting) 349

So... Stephen Elop calls it 'the first real Windows Phone'

I thought this was the first windows phone: http://www.dcviews.com/press/Orange_SPV.htm

Orange was a Microsoft Gold Partner, and I wrote the Orange custom home screen software complete with easter-egg while working for Orange in Leeds.

Now I learn it was all just a dream... it wasn't a REAL windows phone at all... or maybe Elop is too young and inexperienced to remember recent history... ah well..

Comment alas gnome 3 (Score 1) 315

I think gnome3 is great. It does have a menu (despite most people saying it doesn't: hint - click on "applications" instead of "windows" when you press the menu button)

However.. I also have a three monitor desktop, using xinerama, one of them is a udlfb usb frame-buffer device. So I guess gnome3 will never work for me. This forces me to mint, which I've been considering after being ignored and/or insulted to death by launchpad.

Comment Re:GNOME Survey (Score 2) 315

It's also wrong. The menu hasn't gone.
Press the windows button (or mouse-move to the top-left-corner)

You then get to choose from "windows" (running apps) or if you want, click on the word "Applications" and you get the FULL menu with categories to the right. You can either browse the full menu or click on a category and browse that sub-menu of applications.

It's something new and original and much easier to work in principle and not based on windows 95 either.

I think it's great.

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