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Comment Re:V-8's rock (Score 0) 525

No, diesel fuel rocks. The reason you get more mileage from them, is that there is more energy released from the fuel.

Do you know that you get almost half as much diesel as you do from regular fuel. And that you get more mileage from a barrel of oil from gasoline rather than diesel?

Nah, probably not.

Comment Re:Old idea (Score 1) 865

It has to be this way. Lets say I have a hackintosh, and a mac, and a copy of Mac OSX that I bought from the store. When does it become illegal.

If I sell it to someone that doesn't have a copy? Certainly resell is legal?

If I put it into a hackintosh. Certainly, a cd that is legal in one place, doesn't become illegal just because I put it somewhere.

If I boot off of it?!

Well this is close, but what is illegal????

This is the crux of the "old idea"

Comment Re:Calculations am I making a mistake (Score 1) 891

You are not making a mistake if you are using simply an odometer. But this is a road tax on federal highways. Which will be a much smaller percentage of the roads you actually drive on for most people.

The question is what would you need to charge to make up for that. This whole problem is the federal/state split of gasoline taxes and how the federal government spends that on those roads.

I really suspect that all of this can be added quite easily to the cars computer. The GPS chip, and a Phone chip for dialing in. And it all happens automagically. You can add it as a line item charge to the bill when you get your tabs.

I think a more real problem is are we still going to have GPS in 2040.

It is very likely that we are going to see massively restricted government by 2040. This may make the whole system hard to maintain, unless we get some big time help.

Comment This is nonsense. (Score 1) 42

There is no group of people of any significant size that would pay to use Amazon services only if they were open source.

Indeed they could lose customers to other providers that provide the same software at up to zero cost. This also represents a security issue for Amazon Customers.

The advantage would be to gain free programmers for their services. This is not very useful, as in this case they are leveraging their massive investment in internet services for running their company. The more it is useful for others, the more it is useful for them.

I suspect that this is a hopeful rumor of those that feel threatened by the Amazon solutions, and that there is no likely case that they will open source their tools.

Comment This is probably the single reason that Adobe won (Score 2, Informative) 470

At the end of the day, the difference between Aldus and Adobe products and everything else on Windows, and Even Macs back then, was the handling of graphics. Windows and Macs needed to be fast enough to work on screen, and printing had to be good "enough".

For Aldus and Adobe, Printing had to be perfect and predictable even for non-composited printers. Everything about WMF, DIB, GDI, and BMP, and the engines that manipulated them (all other companies programs), failed for largely the same core reasons that they fail here. This was also true for Mac lightweight graphics, but they were less practically important.

There was a speed, technology, and practicality hill that had to be eventually overcome. That happened through Next, and ultimately got there slightly before OSX. Use your own imaging system, based on PDF (Postscript derivative). Have, input drivers for system graphics. But everything becomes and is PDF. Quartz is based on it, Quartz is in Java, it is in Flash, it is in Photoshop, Illustrator, PDF, After effects, OSX, InDesign, Printers, and if worse comes to worse, it can output a DIB on the fly, which can be printed and displayed by ANY non-ps device. In a predictable and fast manner.

I feel for wine, because DIB never fundamentally works, and fundamentally always has flaws. But that is what Windows 16 is based on.

It is a problem for windows, because it means the imaging system continues and always is fundamentally difficult to deal with. (Colors are fundamentally RGB rather than Independent of colorant, or specific to a given colorant, like say metallic ink).

But this is what remains good for Adobe. This is not an easy problem to scope and solve. It is not being provided for free to developers (except on OSX, a bit). And means that if you want to design for print, or film, and essentially any predictable media, it is easier to use Adobe products. And they get paid handsomely for that.

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