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Comment You have to start somewhere. (Score 5, Insightful) 354

It won't be perfect, but "fundamentally flawed" seems like an over statement to me. A personal AI assistant will be useful for somethings, but not everything. What it will be good at won't necessarily be clear until it's put into use. Then, any shortcomings can still be improved, even if certain tasks must be more or less hard-wired into its bag of tricks. It will be just as interesting to know what it absolutely won't be useful for.

Comment Re:I'm Cured! (Score 1) 602

There are different levels. Though, you are right. If all people could be placed in one of two buckets, "Aspie" and "Not Aspie", I'd probably make the first one. If there were a third bucket; "Nearing aspie, but safe to invite to a dinner if it would be rude not to", I'd probably fall in that one.

Comment Online Privacy (Score 1) 573

I cannot help to think that security, open software, and online privacy are all interconnected. There's a fine line between information we knowingly and unknowingly make public. What are you thoughts on personal privacy in the age of Social Networks and Internet tracking?

Comment Wouldn't a hard copy be a wiser thing to pirate? (Score 2) 397

"pirates went to the trouble of buying the game in a shop, taking it home and breaking the DRM instead"

Who knows if the the downloaded version has some sort of hidden tracking mechanism? With a store bought copy, the pirate can more easily remain anonymous.

It's a stretch perhaps, but that might bring light to why it worked out this way.

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