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Comment Should this not be a bulb's job? (Score 2) 176

But the job of the socket or outlet? I'd prefer to see some sort of USB/bluetooth-esque standard where the plugged-in device, be it a bulb in a socket, a lamp in a wall outlet, or a toaster oven could all be monitored and controlled through the same interface. A device would not even have to comply to the standard for this to be useful. We'd already be able to tell if it is on or off, and chart out power consumption. Devices in compliance could extend the functionality in the same way any number of USB devices could be controlled via the PC, so long as they have the right driver.

Comment Collector's Value? (Score 1) 221

Suppose Bitcoin went the way of Napster. This would mean the currency might become worth less and less. People would, over time, abandon wallets and there would simply be fewer known Bitcoins to be found. Many will have simply been irrevocably deleted. At some point, wouldn't this scarcity prevent the value from dropping further?

Years from now, we'll likely be using some form of crypto/digital currency. Bitcoin will at least be an interesting historical note. Suppose my grandson steps forth with a digital wallet containing some bitcoin. Wouldn't that be worth something simply because it is rare and of historical interest?

Comment Good. (Score 2) 465

It should be hard. The will may have said they could have the ipad. I didn't see anything about the data on it. Soon enough, it will be basic will-writing protocol to include any necessary keys to data as it is with access physical objects.

Wills aside, I'm glad to see one more hurdle in the social engineering chain.


What Are the Weirdest Places You've Spotted Linux? 322

colinneagle writes "Bryan Lunduke recently pulled together a collection of the weirdest places he's found Linux, from installations in North Korea and the International Space Station to a super-computer made out of Legos and computer engineer Barbie. Seen any weird places for Linux not mentioned in this list?"

Comment BS. The issue isn't with trying something new (Score 4, Insightful) 2219

If you're really listening, then you'll say:
"We get it. You don't like Beta. So, we're going to commit to allowing you to keep classic if that's the site you are loyal to."

You've been working on Beta for a long time. We've been aware of that. We're not responding to trying something new. We're responding to this bit from the message you retracted:
> "The new site is a work in progress so Classic Slashdot will be available from the footer for several more months."

We're responding to the implication that the functional site we love will be fully replaced with the awful beta; no takesies back. This very slim time frame of several months makes it clear that in your eyes, the new "slashdot" is nearly complete. The problem is, the real reason Beta sucks is because it's a different paradigm all together. It's not something you can fix by listening to feedback and tweaking over the next few months. It's a concept that needs to be scrapped.

I think I speak for many when I say the issue goes beyond ugliness. It's a frame of mind. It's what this site represents that you're changing. We are nerds. You really need to understand nerds better if we are your intended audience anymore. We like this site because it's functional and doesn't get in the way of OUR discussion. You're turning the site into buzzfeed. Save that crap for Slashdot BI.

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