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Comment Prescreen the Posters! (Score 1) 345

It's quite simple, instead of prescreening every post, just prescreen the posters. Make them signup with a real name, address, credit card, copyright insurance and MPAA membership!
That way, the MPAA will be happy with every video posted...and no videos would be posted = Win!

And everyone would head back to the cinema to see moving pictures, just like the Good Lord intended to put in the Contract for Breathing Oxygen that we all signed before birth.

Comment Rockets are just too inefficient (Score 1) 365

We need to come up with a way of keeping most of the fuel for lift on the ground instead of carrying it up too.
There's several ways.
Space Elevator - awaiting the materials tech. Also be a terrorist attack target.
Lasers - awaiting laser tech.
Magnetic acceleration - This would work now. Except that to launch people at a acceptable Gs would require a track 3 miles long. It would also be politically problematic because the same tech could be used to drop a bomb anywhere on the planet and be a terrorist target.

Comment Re:Oh dear lord. (Score 1) 464

If we invent a cure for cancer tomorrow, will we suddenly know how to build a matter teleporter?

The cure for cancer _is_ the matter teleporter. Just send the patient through the teleporter but omit the cancerous cells.
I'm imagining more the Tron digitiser rather than the Star Trek version, but most similar magic techs will do.
Pretty much the cure for everything except memory loss if you can rebuild a person up from the subatomic level.

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