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Comment Re:High School Now... (Score 1) 632

It would be nice if there were something like that. Unfortunately, schools aren't interested in something like that. They like their Windoze. We have exactly 5 macs on campus, all used by the school newspaper crowd. Only our tech admin knows what Linux even is. And even the Comp Sci class is about Java, not programming (at least not beyond the first chapter).

It's unfortunate the way technology education is going. And I live in California, near the Silicon Valley, so you'd think it would be better.

Comment High School Now... (Score 4, Interesting) 632

I'm currently a junior at high school, and really, the tech curriculum can't even be called that in my opinion. The best, and most in-depth, course at my school is Computer Science A AP (There used to be a B, but that was cancelled). I'm in it right now, and I basically sleep through all the classes. While it's true that for anyone who hasn't at any prior programming experience it's a bit more of a challenge, I only had a bare-bones introduction to C (not even a lot of pointer stuff, I had stop going to classes early), and even the object oriented stuff is not that hard. Granted, it's still early in the year. But in comparison, the rest of the tech curriculum is just Word Processing 101 and Microsoft Office. There's very little in the way of how computers work or how to program (Comp Sci AP is the only programming class). And it's a little depressing when you hear someone in your class say, "Wow, X person built a computer by himself," and you respond, "That's not too hard if he just bought the parts and put it together," and their next line is "But it's really hard. He must have programmed it himself and stuff." I think half the problem today is insufficient technology education in schools, which is why the "Tech Guy" stereotype even exists. And don't even get me started on the terrible security of my school district...

Comment Re:Batshit Crazy! (Score 1) 680

When has an atheist ever committed an act of terrorism in the name of atheism? Or murdered?

I think you'd be hard pressed to dispute that religious persecution (including state sponsored terrorism and murder) occurred in atheist states governed by Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Kim Jong Il, etc.

While it's true that state sponsored terrorism has occurred in atheist states (mostly communist ones), we're not talking about a government. We're talking about PEOPLE killing other people in the name of atheism. I have yet to hear of a single instance of an atheist having his views attacked and killing or conducting terrorist activities because of in the name of atheism. And if it has occurred, it's certainly not with the same frequency as other religions. What Stalin did was politically motivated, not "religiously" motivated (insofar as it could even be called religious if it's atheism that we're talking about). NOTE: I'm not attacking any one religion, or even religion as a whole; I'm merely making a point. If I have offended anyone because it seemed like I attacked their religion, I do apologize sincerely.


Submission + - offers 50 GB lifetime upgrade for Android users (

MisterMonday writes:, arguably the second most-popular online storage service, is now offering 50GB of storage space free for users who log in through their Android application until March 23. This is a lifetime upgrade, compared to the standard free 5GB for other users. Larger storage spaces are available, of course, for a monthly fee. has offered similar promotions to attract users before, including for iOS users. Unlike the iOS promotion, however, file sizes are still limited to 25 MB, whereas the iOS promotion also increased it to 100 MB.

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