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Comment Re:Hassle factor (Score 1) 835

Except that it would still have the problem of spam mails; people would definitely just start sending modified e-mails with the exact same line in the header just so that these devices would print those out, and voila! You've just turned spam e-mails into physical spam. With a fax machine you atleast need a dedicated phone-line that can only call a single phone-number at a time and that's why spammers don't use them

Not so. There is such a thing as spam faxes. You're right they require more time investment to send and they're easier to track/prosecute.

Comment Hassle factor (Score 1) 835

1. Sheet Fed Good Quality Scanner
2. Simple interface to enter an email address
3. Price competitively compared to fix machines .....

I hate single use machines, but some times the simplicity of one alone justifies it's existence. Keep it simple and cost competitive and you'd have a winner.

Comment Re:C programmers? Wanted! (Score 1) 582

A power-hungry dictator that is using every method of control that he can will see a Western programmer as a wildcard to their empire and call a thumbs down. They've built their fiefdoms, and can legitimately tell HR that an older Western worker will cause strife among their team.

While i disagree with asking more of my employees than I would ask of myself, I can understand being hesitant about introducing an unknown in to the group. As a manager I not only have to consider if an individual is right for the position, but I also consider the dynamics of the team, and how they will change when the person is introduced. I've had a few instances of a brilliant but verbally confrontational candidate who I passed on because the value brought as a developer was out weighed by the conflict they would introduce with other members of the team.

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