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Comment Re:Looking around me... (Score 5, Insightful) 189

I actually had the opposite reaction. I'm 31, and I constantly fight the urge to run everywhere. I remember all through school, even into early highschool, I'd run everywhere I wanted to go.

Then it was uncool to run. Then inappropriate. Then unprofessional. A year ago, effectively 15 years after I stopped running everywhere, I started running for exercise. I'm getting back into shape. And I'm finding it annoying that I can't just run all the time - I'll get sweaty or smelly, and that's just socially unacceptable.

I'm pretty sure we're all meant to run a LOT more than we do - and we've forced ourselves to stop due to social pressure.

Comment Re:Idiot. (Score 1) 633

You're an idiot. You signed something under threat of prison / arrest without bothering to consult a lawyer.

Actually, that's exactly what he should have done. If you're ever presented paperwork, and presented a choice at which point you must choose right there and then, sign it. It's compelled/under duress.

Several of my former employers had a policy on termination where you must sign an agreement stating you won't sue for anything (wrongful dismissal, etc) in order to get a generous severance package. But, you have to make that agreement there, in the room, before they walk you out of the building. I ran this past a few lawyers, and they all said the exact same thing: if you're under duress, sign it right away. Agreements that are signed under duress are void.

Comment Re:Wikipedia wrong... (Score 5, Informative) 25

It's not incorrect. ASKAP is referred to as a "pathfinder" project - an initial proof of concept that will eventually be rolled into the full SKA array -- most of which will be in South America.

The SKA organization only came into existence formally last year. The ASKAP project was in progress long before that. SKA is in the "pre-construction" phase now, and won't even start building telescopes themselves until 2016.

Comment Re:I'll believe it when I see... (Score 1) 867

I've always grasped the limitations of special relativity - it's made this conversation especially interesting to read. That said, you just touched on one thing that has consistently been beyond me. Can you expand on this a bit? General relativity - and many of the corollaries in the early universe (specifically the inflationary period) have been things I've struggled with.

How can you have two objects moving away from each other at greater than the speed of light, whilst maintaining special relativity? For inflation to work, that has to be the case, correct?

Comment Re:Better in all the ways that matter (Score 0) 222

Did the original iPhone have 225 hours standby?

No, it had 250.

And the fact that you still get 8 hours browsing, even over LTE, is really impressive. It might be slightly shorter than browsing time on an original iPhone but how much browsing could you have got done on Edge? You could probably read 10x the content on the iPhone 5, so how is it not far ahead?

It comes back to the problem of looking at a raw number on a list, without thinking what that number MEANS to a user on the device.

Great example of cognitive dissonance. The point of the article is that taking into account technology changes, this iphone isn't any better than the original. And you just argued "but but but... new technology!"

Comment Re:And now, the long wait (Score 1) 923

You're not reading enough bureaucrat. They're saying they'll consider invading Ecuador to get him.

The embassy is, both legally and by convention, part of Ecuador itself. When they say they'll "take action to arrest Mr. Assange in the current premises of the Embassy" means they're coming in without permission. Which, from Ecuador's perspective, is not very much different from saying they're going to come and arrest him if he was in their capital.

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