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Comment Re:Laid off - try to stay at Adobe (Score 2) 485

Sadly, whenever a profitable platform is shut down, a lot of good developers are RIF'ed. Its a horrible market right now, so PLEASE look for a way to stay with Adobe.

1) Use your knowledge of internal procedures and development practices WORK for you (saves the company serious $$$s training somebody new!)
2) Submit your resume back to your own HR department and let them know you wish to stay
3) Work off-hours on active projects that YOU think have potential - ask questions, involve yourself in debugging, development and design reviews
4) Get yourself invited to development meetings while still putting 40 hrs/wk on your current tasks
5) Don't Slouch - its bad for your posture

The last two items really get the line managers' attention.

Comment Preemptive suits (Score 1) 436

If I were in the business where my attornies were just sitting idly by, like a McDonalds, Starbucks, or another business that can see this thing snowball, I would sic them on these slimetards and tangle up this operation from thousands of different POVs. What this patent troll is collecting is just to bank their attack on the big boys. Don't need a crystal ball for this!

Comment Politicizing is the first step toward defunding (Score 1) 426

Guanxi, your links are appreciated. Don't forget the US Geological Survey ( ), they will make the raw data available in a few more days. It looks like the baby-faced politicians are making mockery of the serious science of weather forecasting in a very apparent attempt to defund and dismantle another of our "Crown Jewels". If an agency doesn't drop bombs, wreck havoc or kill people ("Let God Sort Them Out", to use the vernacular), these numbskull pols consider it a waste of tax revenue. President Bush defunded the USGS to such an extent that he refused to issue a Tsunami warning to Indonesia; I guess Hurricane and severe weather forecasting is next on the chopping block.

Comment Use the following NHC Links to see Cat 3, 2, 1 (Score 1) 426

The National Hurricane Center found that Irene was CATEGORY 3 off the Florida Coast, and running up the coast over the Gulf Stream. If you do your calculus properly, you have to plan for the fact that Irene could not help but remain a hurricane if (or when) it hits New York City. That would have been a disaster the likes of New Orleans (times ten, then times ten again). President Bush looked the fool by not taking precautionary measures; who could seriously blame President Obama for being Presidential?

CAT 3 (Florida):
CAT 2 (NC)
CAT 1 (New York)

Check out the US Geological Survey in a couple more days to view the raw meterological data (

Comment USGS will have data ready in 3-5 days (Score 2) 426

It is a thought-provoking idea - "When" did Irene become a hurricane - and well worth my time to consider it. The US Geological Survey is an E-X-C-E-L-L-E-N-T source of information, and, in my humble opinion, criminally underfunded by our tax dollars (especially those companies that won't pay U.S. Taxes).

Use the following link inacoupladays

Comment Re:Are you looking to start a flame war or for adv (Score 1) 897

I like how you have put perspective into this conversation. Most software engineers build up their design time skills - documentation, proposals, test plans - or the management side of software development. Take a good technical writing course is what I would recommend across the spectrum. Follow that up with a Dale Carnigie (sp?) public speaking program. The better you communicate with others, the more in demand you will be. It really isn't having "mad skillz" that ensures our sucess; we've proven ourselves countless times before!

Comment You should be impressed... (Score 1) 955

Lost: The TV Series was meant to lead to Lost: The Board Game and then Lost: The DVD. Put your favorite characters' life in proper order. Amaze your friends, be a leading cause of Biker Bar fights, or as a source for WWF personalities.

That giant sucking sound was all the viewers getting amped for the final episodes.

Comment Re:Crazy talk! (Score 1) 745

Crazy, you sly dog!

"Protect the Children" isn't about treating rapists harsher because children are involved, but to punish those whom attack the young before they can develop a functional point-of-view. Interrupting child development with rape is an especially heinous crime, deserving my special attention and hopefully yours as well. The survivors of childhood rape must live with the event AND TRY to progress through the toughest part of life, dependent on adults who weren't there to protect them in the first place. "It take a village" is another phrase to take note.

Rape a child, expect a lot of prison time.
Rape a child and claim mental disease, become the prison's interior decorator.
But punishment time must be used to demonstrate to the child survivor that adults WILL TAKE ACTION in their defense.

Warehousing non-rape offenders indefinitely on the expectation they (the offenders) might progress to child rape is not what I believe to be Constitutional. That falls too close to the categories "Minority Report" and "Star Chamber".

Comment Adobe needs an FPGA implementation of Flash (Score 1) 572

I'm not a fan of Flash after dealing for the past several years with a 400MHz (yeah, MHz) PPC G4 and what I believe to be USB 1.0. Up until the latest OS upgrade, Apple supported their old product line and I was happy - unless I was reading the local newspaper's website with its plethora of flash animations. Scrolling became a Herculean task with killing the browser its only outcome. So I'm not happy with any software implementation that acts AS IF it uses spinlocks for cross-platform timing.

Steve Jobs did his job: made an executive's decision and holding the entire company AND - THEIR - CUSTOMERS to that decision. Flash or Battery Life? Flash or Responsiveness? Apple got spanked in the 90's for selling monitors with one inch less viewable area than what was advertised clearly as monitor dimension. Apple learned its lesson to deliver hardware that meet its specifications.

Adobe really needs to look into offloading much of their flash implementation into the most energy efficient component of mobile devices - its FPGA, not software. Keep the processor free to perform the collect-and-forward tasks of data streaming. Adobe, if they are really serious, would provide a reference design and Altera/Lattice/Xilinx firmware libraries (Cores). Apple should investigate making FPGA space available to their developers & downloads for their customers just as if it were code space.

Now that would be truly visionary.

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