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Comment Re:Louisianian.... (Score 1) 429

Don't worry, I was in Washington D.C. back in '92, it snowed no more than a trace, and like some budget impasse, shut DC down. So, living in the Deep South, not demanding or anticipating feet of snow, you have friends in DC that don't know what to do with it either, and they get it regular as clockwork, several times every year. I think living inside the Beltway dissolves their brains; living under the shade of a Live Oak keeps your brains cool and collected.

Comment Isolated (Score 4, Funny) 429

You want a snow that cuts the town off, not your house. Then you can go down the local bars and see if you can drink them dry. You need challenges in life. Driving in snow is a small challenge; drinking a pub dry is a life long achievement!

Louth, 1987, 3 days of Public House bliss. 18" of snow, 50mph winds, 70ft snow drifts, 5 lost snowploughs, all roads closed. No internet, drat!

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