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Comment Re:Rail+ ferry (Score 1) 348

Sorry I wasn't totally clear, there are no roads, railroads praved trails between Nome and Delta Junction Alaska, if you get from China to America via a rail tunnel across the Barring Straight to Alaska, your stuck. You can't drive from highly populated cities like Anchorage and Fairbanks to the state capital. If your going to load the cars onto a train ferry and ship the down to Vancouver or Seatle, you would have been better off just shipping via freighter.

You just don't realize how remote Alaska is, there are places where you literally can't get there from here.

Comment Re:Rail+ ferry (Score 1) 348

It's even more complicated than that thre's gage breaks, a train that runs on Chinese tracks can't run on Trans-Siberian tracks, a train that runs on Trans-Siberian tracks can't run on North American tracks, so the trains either have to be off loaded-on loaded 3 times ot the cars have to have their axles changed. After all that you end up near Nome AK and Google says, "We could not calculate directions between Nome, AK and Edmonton, AB, Canada.", remember the bridge to nowhere, we'll have to build a lot of them because almost everywhere is nowhere in Alaska.

Comment Re:I wonder about man hour figures... (Score 1) 264

The hardest part is training the support staff if they've been Windows-centric their whole careers. Somehow just reiterating that everything-is-a-file isn't enough, and many professionals struggle to understand UNIX-style paths.

People struggle to understand windows-style paths too.

Comment Re:Cheaper beer (Score 1) 264

We're on Win8 at work, when I'm trying to figure out something that used to be easy in WinXP, Windows knowledgebase tells me how to do it in Windows7, and Windows8.1 but that doesn't help in windows 8! I saw that there is a free upgrade to 8.1 but that just plain does not work so it's not just XP thats been EOLed

Comment Re:Cheaper beer (Score 1) 264

A big piece of the increased cost was due to training expense, when migrating from windows to kubuntu all of the users had to be trained. When migrating from W2K to WinXP the users don't need retraining because they already know it. Now my real world experience is most windows users a very superficial knowlege of windows and any applications they don't use daily, so getting everyone trained to a common level of competency doesn't seem like an expense exclusive to a linux conversion.

Comment Re:Machine logic (Score 1) 138

On the whole, I like weapons being more selective, tends to cut down on civilian casualties, but I think that it's a topic more deserving of careful scrutiny than a reflexive ban.

The problem now is that's pretty much who os doing the fighting, there is no Talabanistan or United Al-Qaedian Emerates; look at the misery the drug cartels and gangs bring to Latin-American countries like El Salvador, Honduras, Mexico and California. Even in the Ukraine It's mostly Pro-russian civillian millitias and a cadre of Russian Spetsnaz.
In the old days any combatant that was ununiformed or undocumented was a spy and summarily executed and the any collateral damage were harboring anyways

Comment Re:Molecules shmolecules (Score 2) 274

Your assuming that it's a smell that can be washed off, the implication of the article is the way to get rid of the smell is to cut off your testicles.

Bedding material from unfamiliar male mice and guinea pigs, as well as pet beds slept in by unsterilized male cats and dogs, produced the same response:

Might be interesting to test if females evoke an effect depending on where they are in their estrous cycle, seeing that it is more of a pheromonal thing than an odor thing.

Comment Re:What (Score 1) 72

"the truth may be hard to decipher in an industry shrouded in security"
Well that because the Illuminati tell the Trilateral Commission Puppeteers how to pull the Koch Bros strings to have Big-Oil funnel billions of dollars of secret funding to Climate deniers so that they can continue to sell fossil fuels at commodity prices instead of selling their post-peak resources as high profit boutique petro-chemicals. Of course the answer could be just plain ol' boring nothing to see here. At the end of the day the last line of security is most of the workers are more conscientious than management deserves and frequently have friends and family that would be in harm's way if they weren't.

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