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Comment Re:India? Robots in the front line? (Score 1) 169

The Iraq-Kuwait War was in 1990, The eviction of Iraq from Kuwait was accomplished by a broad intenational coalition, the so-called second Gulf War was really a continuation of the first gulf war, but even giving you that one this past decade; I'm wondering about your plural wars. Could you be confusing the NATO action in Lybia with an American war?

Comment Re:Think of the children blah blah (Score 1) 186

Why would kids look at online porn with a computer, at their parents home with parental controls, when their smartphones have an unlimited data plan and they can watch anywhere? Kid have an inherent ability to join cliques of like minded peers, adults too for that matter, and it only takes one to say "hey check this out", and the search engine becomes irrelavent.

Comment Re:Why Harm? (Score 2) 138

Does anyone know why schizophrenia svoices always seem to try and cause harm? Why don't the voices tell you to clean your house, volunteer for something, build a house, do something good?

Because then it would be Divine revelations, well at least in modern times, in olden times Divine revelations were very sadistic and narcissistic.

Comment Re:WAR DRUMS A-Beatin' (Score 1) 203

Enriched UF6 once converted into U3O8 and UO2 fuel plates is thereby not directly usable for producing bomb grade uranium and of little proliferation concern.

Well ....

Milled uranium ore—U3O8 or "yellowcake"—is dissolved in nitric acid, yielding a solution of uranyl nitrate UO2(NO3)2. Pure uranyl nitrate is obtained by solvent extraction, then treated with ammonia to produce ammonium diuranate ("ADU", (NH4)2U2O7). Reduction with hydrogen gives UO2, which is converted with hydrofluoric acid (HF) to uranium tetrafluoride, UF4. Oxidation with fluorine yields UF6.
During nuclear reprocessing, uranium is reacted with chlorine trifluoride to give UF6:
U + 2 ClF3 UF6 + Cl2 Uranium hexafluoride

wikipedia suggests that converting Uranium Oxides into >Uranium Hexafluoride is pretty straight forward, a first semester quantitative chemistry student with a glove box should be able to handle it.

Comment Re:get real (Score 0) 279

I for one think it's a good idea if the government makes an effort to keep tabs on the mental health of veterans.

Would be if the Government minions were mentaly healthier and had less ulterior motives than the Vets they were keeping tabs on; the current bruhahha with the IRS, the abandoment of the Bengahzi staff to the terrorist attack leads me to believe that we need to more dilligently watch the watchers.

Comment Re:Start here (Score 1) 1145

Just multiply by 6 and drop a digit, thus 100 km/h times 6 yields ~ 60 MPH, 40 km/h ~ 24 MPH, 50km/h ~ 30 MPH, 60km/h ~ 36, 70km/h ~ 42, 80km/h ~ 48, 90km/h ~ 54; as you'll notice common metric speeds and non-metric speeds are almost the same, I've never gotten pulled over either in Canada or Germany for driving a smiggen over the speed limit due to conversion.

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