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Comment Re:get real (Score 0) 279

I for one think it's a good idea if the government makes an effort to keep tabs on the mental health of veterans.

Would be if the Government minions were mentaly healthier and had less ulterior motives than the Vets they were keeping tabs on; the current bruhahha with the IRS, the abandoment of the Bengahzi staff to the terrorist attack leads me to believe that we need to more dilligently watch the watchers.

Comment Re:Start here (Score 1) 1145

Just multiply by 6 and drop a digit, thus 100 km/h times 6 yields ~ 60 MPH, 40 km/h ~ 24 MPH, 50km/h ~ 30 MPH, 60km/h ~ 36, 70km/h ~ 42, 80km/h ~ 48, 90km/h ~ 54; as you'll notice common metric speeds and non-metric speeds are almost the same, I've never gotten pulled over either in Canada or Germany for driving a smiggen over the speed limit due to conversion.

Comment Re:Dump Fuel? (Score 2) 93

I'm sure it doesn't work that way,
1 solid rocket motor fuel burns in a vacuum as well as in an atmosphere, rocket motor fuel has an oxidiser incorporated into the mixture,
  2 pressure on the forward bulkhead from the combustion and no aft bulkhead would still produce thrust due to delta pressure, just not optimum thrust.

Comment Re:Requires more metal (Score 4, Interesting) 521

You'd be surprised, at the Atlanta Olympics we had a security breach and had to bomb sweep the building. Durring the sweep a piece of 2 inch diameter metal pipe that was 4 inches long and had a reducing nipple on it that was lost durring the building construction was found. I looked examined the pipe, saw that it was hollow (as opposed filled with explosives) and kept it. I carried that pipe through the mag-line, in my MOPP carrier for a week and a half with out any of the magnetometers going off. That pipe probably had enough metal to make a couple glocks

Comment Re:In 1490's (Score 1) 1105

Aristarchus (, Aristarkhos, 310 BCE – ca. 230 BCE) of Samos was an ancient Greek astronomer and mathematician who presented the first known model that placed the Sun at the center of the known universe with the Earth revolving around it (see Solar system). He was influenced by Philolaus of Croton, but he identified the "central fire" with the Sun, and put the other planets in their correct order of distance around the Sun. Aristarchus of Samos

It's Interesting that the heliocentric model is actually much older than people believe.

Comment Re:I do believe it because it based on sound scien (Score 1) 1105

My primary problem with Apocalyptic Global Warming has always been in the premise that, because we can't figure out another reason for the apparent warming, it must be solely due to man-made CO2; then even the scientists admit that CO2 alone is inadequate to produce apocalyptic levels of warming and needs amplification from water vapour. That has always struck me as a position of excess hubris, I think Occam's razor applies here as the simplest explanation is the Earth's Climate is so complicated your puny models aren't good enough to even be wrong.

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