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Comment Majority != consensus. (Score 1) 339

I don't see a consensus. It's easy to find highly qualified people who disagree with the majority.
From: On the dangerous(?) naivete of uncritical acceptance of scientific consensus

"How do we non-experts decide when to take the pronouncements of the scientific consensus with a grain of salt? The reader may well find the following rules of thumb quite helpful. Be skeptical of scientific research, even that which supports, and is favored by apologists for, the scientific consensus, whenever:
1. the people paying for the research have a vested interest in the results.
2. vast concentrations of wealth and power hang in the balance on the results.
3. a prominent scientist's professional reputation and career is on the line.
4. the dominant paradigm is threatened."

Submission + - Diamonds Should get a bit cheaper i n the near future (

An anonymous reader writes: It looks like the diamond industry is going to get a bit of a shock as soon as the Russion government decides to start mining a new site. The site is estimated to contain "Trillions of Carats" which is (actual) orders of magnitude larger than the current largest diamond reserve.

These diamonds are also said to be harder than the average diamond since they formed in an asteroid impact some 35 million years ago.


Journal Journal: Linux: adoption by those who are fed up? 6

Today, I had the most peculiar experience. A (female, and pregnant, but that has no importance at all for this story) cousin of mine complained on Facebook about a virus infection on her Windows machine (I assume Vista, but I actually didn't bother to ask). Locked out by one of these ransom viruses. Worst part is that she did have an up-to-date antivirus sponsored by the Bank where here partner works.

Submission + - Study finds tumors in rats fed on Monsanto's GM corn (

An anonymous reader writes: A study recently presented by a group of french academics called into question the innocuity of GMOs. Its results concluded to the increased risk of tumor development in rats over their complete lifespan. Past GMOs studies were generally conducted over shorter periods of time.
Given that the complete details of the study are still to be disclosed, a number of experts not involved in the study remain quite skeptical about the findings

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