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Comment Re:Airplane tickets. (Score 1) 551

I have to disagree. After a horrific crash, an airline simply rebrands itself (e.g. Valuejet). The airlines have no direct interest in ensuring passenger safety, similar to how you assert the Government has no incentive to ensure safety. Regulations control such things as maximum hours the cabin crew can work, how repairs are certified, and so on; these regulations do improve overall safety.

Why do you think the "Passenger Bill of Rights" was necessary. Hint: it wasn't because the airlines were going to do anything about people stuck on the tarmac for 9 hours.

Comment Re:California Taxes (Score 1) 329

Your points aren't very great.

First, heavy industries are generally heavy polluters. The characteristics of California make it easy for air pollution to hang around rather than disperse. Northern California is still dealing with all the mercury that was dumped all around during the gold rush. Maybe other states like pollution, that's fine by me.

Second, yes, Ca doesn't have as much water as some states. But the biggest chunk of water usage is for farmers.

Third, PG&E sucks. But the energy problems you talk of were a decade ago when Enron was manipulating the deregulated energy market.

Forth, yes, there are parts of Ca that have very bad traffic. That's why Toyota was using trains to move auto parts around for Nummi .

So go to some other state and get a lower educated workforce which is fine with polluting.

Comment Re:survival of the fittest (Score 1) 102

My points were
A) The pests that Moryath were referring to were introduced by humans; the impact on the Kiwi's is not because the Kiwis were introduced, but they were 'victims' from introduced species.

B) Eradicating mosquitoes is probably a benign effort (if implemented correctly). The Screwworm was a major pest that was effectively eradicated from most of North and Central America. This effort provided a significant improvement in the quality of life for a large number of animals, including wild animals.

Comment Re:survival of the fittest (Score 1) 102

Errr - correct me if I'm wrong, but the carp and Zebra mussels were introduced by human activities, while the Kiwi's are in their natural habitat. There are many non-cuddly animals that have protected status. I do not know of any endangered species that is considered a 'pest' from reintroduction into another location.

As for mosquitoes, perhaps you could read this article on the importance of mosquitoes..

Comment Re:conservatives (Score 1) 759

"Democrats are against freedoms too"

Freedoms such as Gay Marriage, supporting the rights of muslims to build a Mosque/Community Center, the rights of non-white people, freedom of reproductive choice... At least the Democrats do something to uphold those rights.

Unless by freedom you mean the 2nd amendment...

The Democratic platform is conveniently written down here.

The Democrats are a bit more diverse, as they really are a central party; they are left-leaning only in comparison to Republicans. Republicans have been on a tear for the last few years kicking out "RINO"s...

Comment Re:Extreme Irony (Score 1) 260

I agree that North America is much bigger than the USA, but to me it is (from North to South) Canadian/American/Mexican. Given that the USA is the only county in either North or South America that has "America" as part of the country's name, I think it is sufficiently unique.

Comment Re:But that is now (Score 1) 430

The Mobility versions of video cards are weaker than desktop version - they are effectively 1 generation behind. I really doubt your laptop is able to run a 100W GPU without some insane fan noise. So while the box says 4870, and you paid the cost of a 4870, you effectively have a 4750.

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