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Comment Simtec "Entropy Key" also does quantum RNG (Score 4, Interesting) 326

A while back, the Simtec Entropy Key was making the rounds among Debian Devs, and claims to be exploiting quantum effects in the P-N junctions to be a true RNG.

They seem serious and I tend to trust paranoid Debian developers' opinions, but ultimately I don't have enough knowledge myself to make a confident judgment call. I'd be curious about more opinions.


Minecraft Is Finished 272

SharkLaser writes "Minecraft, the most widely known and best selling indie game in the history, is now finished. Minecraft creator Notch tweeted yesterday that Minecraft has gone gold and will be released at the end of the week at the first Minecon, a gathering of Minecraft fans. So far over 4 million people have bought the game, generating over 50 million dollars in revenue. Minecraft has also had a rapid modding community around the game, developing gems like the Millenaire mod, Builders and Tornadoes. Minecraft also brought back the interest in voxel based engines, introducing games like Ace of Spades (build, make tunnels, capture the flag FPS) and Voxatron [note: you might want to turn down your volume for this video]. It also opened up many ways for new indie developers, as Minecraft showed development can be funded solely by making something new and giving out early access to the game for those who are interested in the project. The upcoming Steam-like IndieCity-platform will also employ similar feature where, in addition to normal indie game store, players can look at unfinished projects and choose to support their development."

DOJ Drops FOIA Rule To Permit Lying 151

schwit1 writes "The Department of Justice has canceled a controversial revision to Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) rules that opponents said would have allowed federal agencies to lie about the existence of records. In a letter to Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley on Thursday, the DOJ wrote that the proposed rule 'falls short' of its commitment to transparency, and it 'will not include that provision when the Department issues final regulations.' The concern now is that the DOJ has been lying for some time and this rule was an attempt to provide cover for past denials concerning the existence of documents."

Comment Other things Slashdotters would agree with (Score 1) 2247

"Cuts of this scale will also be accomplished by a Paul Presidency abolishing the Transportation Security Administration and returning responsibility for security to private property owners, abolishing corporate subsidies, stopping foreign aid, ending foreign wars, and returning most other spending to 2006 levels."
Source, his campaign website

I'll scream bloody murder for abolishing the Dept of Education and Energy, but I can see where Ron Paul-supporters are coming from.


French Court Orders ISP To Block Police Misconduct Website 178

Freddybear writes "A French court has ordered ISPs to block access to Copwatch Nord Paris I-D-F, a website designed to allow civilians to post videos of alleged police misconduct. French police unions applauded the decision. Jean-Claude Delage, secretary general of the APN, said that '[t]he judges have analyzed the situation perfectly—this site being a threat to the integrity of the police — and made the right decision.'"

Comment Still more interesting than Facebook (Score 1) 519

As others have commented, Facebook probably has less than 40% active users. But that's not what keeps me on G+.

I use it as a sort of augmented twitter, Following a bunch of science bloggers I find interesting (Shared Circle). It started out as a small list from Maggie Koerth-Baker, the science blogger at BoingBoing, and slowly accumulated more people through recommendations (network effect!).

Nowadays, Facebook is for the silly friends' stuff, but G+ is slowly turning into a major science news source populated by authors I respect.

Comment Re:This is what easy over safe design gets ya (Score 1) 205

I really, really hate what Gigabyte does with their BIOSes, considering their BIOS backed itself up on the end on some of my disks, changed the OS-visible size of the disk using Host Protected Area (HPA), squashing the mdraid metadata that was happily living there.

By the time I understood what was happening, I had had 3 of my 6 RAID disks screwed, as I had swapped the disks around ignorantly thinking it was some controller error.

That feature was not advertised, and that version of the BIOS had a bug where this feature didn't properly detect which disks it could accomplish this on (it only looked for NTFS/VFAT partitions, natch) and could not be disabled. While I can understand the purpose and usefulness of the feature, releasing with such a bug has made me swear off Gigabyte.

For the reference, it was a GA-P35-DS3, with BIOS F12.

Comment Marlinspike's approach (Score 5, Interesting) 163

Marlinspike's approach, implemented in a Firefox extension presented at DefCon '11, is to do away with the notion of CAs altogether in SSL, replacing it with a distributed network that reports on the certificate they see. Basically, if the certificate you see agrees with the rest of the network, then you're not being spoofed.

He had previously explained the properties a replacement to the CA system had to demonstrate in order to be viable

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