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Comment Re: blowback (Score 1) 969

I really liked that video until I got to the end and realized it was an ad for Insane Clown Posse's developmentally-challenged racist cousin.

Yes, if the US were occupied by a foreign army, you better believe I'd be fighting them in any way possible. Roadside bombs are highly effective, as are boobie-trapped home entrances.

I just hope I don't have to use whatever skills the Army gave me against American troops, even though Capos are just as bad—if not worse—than the "blackshirts" they take their orders from.

Comment Re:NYC guy is an idiot (Score 2) 235

What would happen if he asked his current employees what they needed to make their jobs easier, and actually implemented those ideas?? Three things that, if not present, will make an employee unhappy an eventually leave:
  1. High enough pay so living expennses are not an issue
  2. Autonomy - what to work on, how to do it, etc.
  3. Meaningful, challenging work

Also, your HR dept has too much power. If you're still doing Theory X stuff like "annual performance reviews," you're doing it wrong, and deserve to die in a fire.

Comment Re:Wrong on 3 out of 4 (Score 1) 345

Separation of Church and state isn't spelled out in the constitution.

The "right" to purchase ammunition isn't spelled out in the constitution, either.

You're ignorant about how law works. Law is far more than the letters and words written in the law, but the MEANING and INTENT behind those words and letters.

Your little qualifier of "isn't spelled out" is cute...and utterly inconsequential and meaningless. You might as well complain that "Wharrgarbl" isn't in the Constitution. The establishment clause is absolutely in the Constitution and its meaning is clear.

Comment It is even worse than that (Score 1) 415

Note that arbitrators are notorious for overwhelmingly favoring the party which hires them.

In some cases (depending upon the contract, of course), the cost of arbitration is shared. In that case, it is even worse for you, the poor consumer. Here's how:

  • * Both you and The Death Star company (AT&T) pay your share of the arbiter's fee.
  • * You show up at the hearing, AT&T does not.
  • * Arbitration cancelled (need both parties): no refunds
  • * Repeat

See how that works? You keep paying and paying and paying and nothing ever happens. For AT&T, the cost of ditching the meeting is higher than sending someone out to attend. They simply can't be bothered.

Bottom line: they win, you lose.

Comment Manning (Score 1) 3

What is happening to Manning makes me ashamed to have ever donned a uniform. Those in the chain of command who are torturing this young man are perpetrating a worse crime than he ever did. They have no code and no honor.

Downey: What did we do wrong? We did nothing wrong.

Dawson: Yeah, we did. We were supposed to fight for the people who couldn't fight for themselves. We were supposed to fight for Willie.

Comment Argh (Score 2) 386

...how could it possibly be a bad thing...given the current state of the world we live in[?]

I can't believe I wore a uniform and served my country only to have the likes of you want to piss away all of our freedoms (without a fight!) because you're scared of a HYPOTHETICAL situation.

What a waste. I should've let the Communists hordes win, but Noooo, I had to slog it out in the friggin mud, sand and muck, freeze my *** off in a @*($&# GP-Medium and sweat my **** off humping Alice and Pig all over the &#*($ place for what?

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