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Journal Journal: The irony is startling 13

"We do not want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population." - Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, 1939

"God bless you" - President Obama to Planned Parenthood, 2013

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Journal Journal: Want Less Government? Champion Order in Religion! 9

Order is the first need of human beings, the only thing that makes life remotely tolerable. Mankind will give up just about anything to get it- freedom, money, family. Better a slave in Athens than a king in Africa!
What changed all that was religion. Religion is the anti-government. Only a moral people can be ruled with few laws; and now that we've abandoned morality to relativism, we need to increase the number of laws and number of prisoners to keep order.
So true libertarians need to be religious- for only with religion, can there be order without laws and punishment.

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Journal Journal: Since I just outed myself on slashdot 6

After a recent car accident, and faced with higher fuel bills and a real phobia about buying new vehicles, I've broken down and done the most gay thing I've ever done in my life.

I bought a 2006 Prius. Used. For a thousand less than blue book.

And now I'm learning to drive all over again.

Things I've learned about driving a Japanese Parallel Hybrid (hate the "Synergy Drive" transmission on this thing):

If the car dies and you can't jump it, check the el-cheapo battery connectors that might have fallen off (Seriously- the prius spent 24 hours in my garage this week because I couldn't boot the computer- and it turned out to be the freakin' 12V battery connector fell off).


This hybrid is the worst of both worlds, it gets its best gas mileage under 25MPH accelerating very slowly or between 45 and 60MPH. Anything in b8etween sucks rocks. That means in city driving, I'm the slowest car on the road, and for entering the freeway, I'm the fastest car trying to get up to speed so I can put it in cruise control.


Light on the gas is best, except when it isn't- and it isn't whenever the speed limit exceeds 45. Then it is best to floor it until you hit the speed limit, and use cruise control. This sucks in traffic.

There is no physical neutral on the synergy drive. If your electronics die and you can't boot the computer, you can't shift to neutral to get the car out of the garage.
Likewise, the back trunk- where the batteries are- only has an electronic latch on the outside. If the battery is dead, you have to get your kid to crawl into the back seat, fold down the seats, crawl into the trunk, empty the trunk, remove the carpet, remove the floor, pull a rectangle piece of plastic out of the toolbox, feel around until he finds the latch with his hand, and then you can open the trunk. THEN you have to remove the toolbox, take out a body panel, and then you'll find the battery.
Despite all of that- I'm getting 45MPG in town- better than my manual Escort ever did. 51 highway- about the same as the manual escort. But it's a way more complex car that I do not entirely understand yet.
Maybe one day I'll add a better HV battery and charger and the EV mode button, then I'll have a car almost as decent as the Ford C-Max. Or, if I end up doing what I did with the Escort, in 10 years when the Prius dies on me the Ford C-Max will be available in the used market in the under $7000 range- and that may well be better.

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Journal Journal: KDE volume steps

If you use KDE like I do - you may be interested in this article I found linked on Reddit - Volume Change Percentages in KDE. The idea there is that by default Kmix will increment volume changes by 4% when you use your keyboard - but it's possible to change that value. You just need to make a change to kmixrc. But you can go read it if you are interested.

So over at Reddit there were some comments like "Thanks for pointing this out." and one question "Any way to do the same with veromix?"

Let me confess that my first thought was - "This is about kmix stupid." But then I thought more about it and realized that it may not be stupid and so I started to dig. I got the source for veromix and it took me a little while to find it - but I did find the file and line where the value is set that drives this behavior. I was able to change it in my system and now I have a 2% increment (veromix is set to 5%) and that makes me pretty stinking happy.

I've emailed the veromix author because I think it wouldn't be too hard to add this value as one of the setting options. I think I've got most of the work done for it. I don't have time today to try it but I will soon. I think that would be pretty sweet.

Open Source - this is an example of why I love it so much.

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Journal Journal: The Whole Fedora/nVidia/Google Talk thing 2

I think I've got it nailed down a bit. When I run the nVidia drivers it is not using OpenGL. The Google Talk plugin needs OpenGL to work. I can force OpenGL to run. The the talk plugin works but Firefox will not run. If I switch to the Nouveau drivers then OpenGL will work fine without any messing about but again Firefox is unhappy.

So for right now - with my GeForce card my choice is Google Hangouts or Firefox.

I don't do the Hangouts that often. I may try just switching over if I need to. I usually have my little Windows laptop at my desk. I don't use it unless I need to go to a meeting but I could hop over to it for video chats if I don't have time to switch my graphics over on the Linux box.

It's not the greatest situation but I do feel better now that I feel like I have a grasp of the situation at least.

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Journal Journal: Fedora 18, Nouveau and Firefox 1

What happens if I open Firefox on my Fedora 18 box and visit the Google Sites page that Sophie Schmidt made about her visit to North Korea? This happens. That's a screen shot of both my monitors. On the left is Firefox and on the right is Chrome which was open to the Journal Entry writing page here. And it got much worse once I closed Firefox. Plasma pretty much took a dump at that point and I had to log out/log in to get back to a usable desktop.
If I run with the nVidia drivers I don't have this issue with Firefox. And even if I don't run Firefox - little artifacts like those in the screen shot will build up over time with the Nouveau drivers. Pretty much immediately if I have any desktop effects enabled. So why don't I just use the nVidia drivers all the time? Well - because I figured out today that under the nVidia drivers using Google Hangouts crashes KDE completely. As in kicking me out and forcing me to log back in. And I need Hangouts for work.
Very frustrating. So I'm stuck back on the Nouveau drivers and playing around looking for some magical set of options that will bring some stability and maybe even the ability to use my beloved Firefox again. The only up side right now is that abrt wont be giving me crap about having a tainted kernel any more. I hate software that has to exhibit moral superiority.
On a side note - I guess I can't add tags to journal entries any more. I guess I never paid attention to them anyway. They don't show up in the je list and I just used titles to find stuff anyway.

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Journal Journal: Why I can't be a liberal 15

A conversation with a much more left wing friend over the weekend made me realize that most of my conservative politics, are not conservatively sourced. They are sourced in my own personal form of liberalism, which is often repelled by the political rhetoric of other liberals.
Gay marriage for instance. I was once, a decade or so ago, for civil unions. I was considered a liberal for being so. I reveled in the fact of being Catholic and how entire groups of monks were using their own vow of celibacy to volunteer for AIDS research. Then, overnight it seemed, in March 2004 I became a conservative on this subject. I didn't change- but I was now bigoted for actually believing sacramental marriage was still possible and that children raised by their biological parents might actually be the ideal situation. Oh, and of course, for discriminating against gays and not allowing them to get married.
Gay marriage doesn't matter to me anymore. After all the attacks and vandalism, I wouldn't vote for those people if they were trying to save baby whales.
But back to my own attitudes. Abortion, Divorce, Contraception, Homosexuality, Fractional Reserve Banking, Free Trade, Wage Suppression, euthanasia. I see these all as full of violence and hatred; and against human dignity. But worse than any of them, are the tactics used to shame more normal people into allowing them to continue; the intolerance of the supposedly tolerant. Tolerance is only a virtue if the thing you are being tolerant of is a sin; when that thing ceases to be a sin and becomes instead a model, tolerance quickly turns to enabling and intolerance for those who don't fit that model.

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Journal Journal: Beyond Gosnell 2

Think Philadelphia is the only city where they don't inspect abortion clinics enough to keep their victims from dying? Here are a few others from around the country- including a few Planned Parenthood clinics.

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Journal Journal: Continuing my burning bridge 9

It's amazing what a man can see by the light of a burning bridge.
I've often laughed at The slippery slope argument, but hearing on the news this morning about a significant group of psychiatrists who want to remove pedophila from the DSM (like they did 40 years ago with homosexuality) I now have to admit that political slippery slopes are real- and proven by 40 years of experimentation.

It is truly amazing what a man can see by the light of a burning bridge.


Journal Journal: Poster child of Android tablets' 2

Galaxy Tab 2 is the poster child of Android tablets out there, right? Well, let's just say that I ain't impressed. Boyfriend of MiL got one, to read his newspaper. Well, we didn't manage to do that, partially, I think due to wort.lu screwing up. Partially, because the default browser just says "downloading" and that's it. What exactly happens after that is unclear and unless you know that a tiny download icon shows the download, and if you swiped away that, where to find the PDF... you ain't gonna go far. Apart from boyfriend of MiL not (wanting) to understand the difference between an app, a website and a PDF, it ended up being an exercise in frustration.

Unable to help on that front, he asked if he could read his email. Naively, I said, of course you can! So, I set up his (national, very standard) ISP email address. Well, I followed the wizard. Big mistake, I ended up on POP3, which of course is a standard that should have been banned years ago. Damn, I hope you didn't have important emails. I set it up again as IMAP. Works fine, really... Except it doesn't show any email. None... I specifically sent email to him. Shows nothing... I assure you, the settings are correct. I used the same as those, I used on his iPhone. Besides, they do show on his iPhone
No way to make it work. On a related note: the POP3 did not delete his email from server. At least that was good.

Then, I want to show him to install apps (Despite me hating the word). Choice between the Samsung App Store, which most likely works but you want the Google store. So, Google Play. Okay, do you have a Google account? No... Ah, no problem, let's set one up. I follow the wizard, up until it asks for a secondary email for "lost password" situations. I could type in whatever I wanted, but the "Next" button never got enabled, stopping me right in the track to create the account.
Yes, I know, I could just go to a computer, create him a Google account and be done with it. Still, isn't this simply a scandalous bug?

So, I try to help and end up having I to explain that tablet browsers are second-class internet citizens (a site he uses failed to work. How do you explain that to a non tech, eh? Nothing I did worked as expected and I'm supposed to know what I do.

Okay, I might simply have become obsolete and have become unable to troubleshoot modern devices. Perhaps it's a hint I should stay in my basement with my servers and "real" computers. I don't know... It must be me. Everyone loves their Android tablets....

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