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Comment Not so fast, Sparky (Score 1) 1160

You were saying?

Way to quote-mine Random People On The Internet, I mean, Wikipedia. Here's the next paragraph:

Historian Gregg L. Frazer argues that the leading Founders (Adams, Jefferson, Franklin, Wilson, Morris, Madison, Hamilton, and Washington) were neither Christians nor Deists, but rather supporters of a hybrid "theistic rationalism".[23]

Comment Even better (Score 3, Informative) 1160

-- you go ahead and find one mention of "God" in the US Constitution... I'll wait.

Sigh. Unfortunately, we have gone through a 236-year-long exercise in Religious fanatical masturbation, with no end in sight.

During the constitutional convention, there were attempts to add Christianity to the Constitution's preamble, and they were all ignored/thrown out by the core architects (Franklin, Adams, and Madison).

During the first few decades of the new republic, several amendments were proposed to add the same; none made it out of Congress.

Eventually the religious zealots gave up and went home. Until the Civil War. Recognizing the war was a direct result of "God not being mentioned in the constitution" (yes, they actually believed that) attempts to amend the constitution to add Christianity were renewed, with the same result: epic failure.

Every couple of decades, we forget and try to do the same old thing again. As always, it fails. Thank dog.

Comment WTF am I reading? (Score 1) 1160

It's okay for these people to burn some colored cloth and pictures, and chant.


If you ever take a constitutional law class, you'll understand the limits to free speech, and your examples aren't outside any of them.

Speech that can incite panic (e.g., yelling fire in a crowded theater) and "fighting words" (i.e., direct, immediate threats of harm) are two examples of non-protected speech.

Comment Gotta raise his Joel Test Scores, first (Score 5, Interesting) 182

If he can't deploy to production in one step, he needs to fix that first.

I'm not talking about from dev box to production. I'm talking about the physical act of someone running a single command (or for the Winlazy, pressing a button) then walking away. All code checkouts from source control, database changes, app server code deployments, web server restarts—whatever—happen without user intervention.

He should also be able to roll back in one step.

For all the meetings, forms, etc., it sounds like there is A LOT of CYA in that company. In that case, it is cultural and can only be changed from the top. Until/unless the company becomes less risk adverse, there is no point in trying to become more "agile" (i.e., risk-accepting) except making your job easier. Build your tools/scripts/whatever to make it easier to do stuff.

tl;dr: If you want a more nimble company, switch jobs.

Comment Absolutely! (Score 1) 1113

I know lots of athiests who are religious about their beliefs (or lack of beliefs, depending on how you want to slice it).

Atheists are religious the same same way "off" is a TV Station.

Sorry, but you are ignorant: you don't know what the word "religion" means. Now, if you were to say your atheist friends were "adamant," "aggrandized," "animated" or "galvanized," you would effuse the appearance of knowledge.

Comment DUH (Score 1) 398

Not really, as President he can't just throw on anything that might be in the closet.

Simple Solution: Garanimals for Presidents®

Ordering military action? Match up the Gorilla

Debating your political opponent? Go with the Orangutan

Vising a coal mine for a photo op? Try the Rhinoceros

Comment Sure we do (Score 1) 186

It took a BIG, and rather firm, kick in the ass to get them to pay attention. But that's not the way government is supposed to work. We aren't supposed to have to whip them to get them to actually work for us.

When there's a friggin 1,600 lb gorilla in the room with "Citizens United" tattooed on its chest, us little people have to whip that cream HARD and LONG before anything will happen.

Comment Re:Exactly as they want you to think (Score 1) 186

Renting a movie is much the same except that I don't know where to rent movies anymore. But if you do get a blue ray most players won't let you skip past the various warnings and even sometimes the trailers.

1. Rent from Red Box: $1.32/night.

2. Rip it to laptop

3. ???


Comment Simple (Score 3, Funny) 170

I'd bet if they wanted to hear the case, they would figure out some loophole to get past the bureaucratic BS,

Just tell Thomas, Scalia and Alito that they can't get their daily "newsletter of best-of images" culled from the scanners until they hear the case.

That sucker'll be fast-tracked so fast someone's robe will burst into flames.

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