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Comment Re:The only thing missing... (Score 2) 136

the paranoia is unwarranted, but it still exists.

It may well be there, but there's also a marginalization of Qt/KDE by some of the largest distros (perhaps with that canard). If you look at the companies backing them, you'll see many @bigco addresses on the GNOME-related software teams and many, many fewer working on KDE. So I think some of it is simply NIH, but perhaps with a business strategy aspect of, "Who is Digia and why should BigCo be dependent on them when we have an alternative we control, even if it's not as good?" That question may have even had more merit under Nokia, especially when it was taken over by Microsoft (oh, did I say that out loud?).

Even if it's a false dilemma, it probably keeps many people working on the projects they like inside their comfort zone. Big choices can be made on merit, but there are sometimes humans involved who apply criteria without pure impartiality. Sometimes these bigco's pick a technology horse, and boy do they stick with it until it needs to be brought out back and shot. Qt/KDE is definitely not alone in that regard!

Comment Re:ONE THING I agree with Chomsky on (Score 1) 530

They are an extralegal group that has shown it is not governed by the US Constitution so why do you persist with the illusion that Congress is in control of them, let alone the Courts that they are openly defying? We also have no clue what instructions they have been given by the Executive branch.
I think you need to give up your illusion and see them for what they are - an apparently better behaved version of what would in another country be the secret police of El Presidente for Life. They only really answer to one man and you can bet they are hiding a lot from him when it's in their own interests.

Comment Re:Dumbasses (Score 1) 530

The CIA guy that had the military pulled out of the area so he could get the glory of catching Bin Laden with the help of some locals that ended up sending a warning could be painted that way - but instead I'd say they are just run by a pile of useless horse judges that just happen to have the right friends. I see them as toy soldiers that are always looking for somebody to fight instead of the real soldiers that are always looking to improve to do their best in a real fight that matters.

Comment Re:FUD (Score 1) 57

It was refuted by, among others, his own department, including his own doctoral students using his own and then later results. Actually refute is too strong a word because the effect was more precisely quantified and found to be far smaller than expected. Heat is reflected just not as much as was initially suggested.

Comment Re:another variable in climate modelling (Score 1) 57

Climategate sounded like a scandal to some but just sounded like people chatting about how to reduce noise in noisy data to others. Next up, the scandal when it's revealed that sausages do not contain 100% lean beef which is not a scandal if you think about how they have to stick together and cook properly. In other words "Climategate" was about ignorant people reading words out of context and manufacturing a fake scandal.
For real scandals you have to look at things like the guy that faked the link between a preservative used in vaccines and autism so that he could sell his own preservative.

Comment Re:another variable in climate modelling (Score 1) 57

Answer: There are many kinds of clouds and they do different things at different altitudes and different conditions. It's not just water, it has to precipitate out on something and new fairly basic discoveries about cloud formation are still being made. We still don't know enough to be able to make a raincloud form despite people having a rough idea that made sense in 1912 and giving it a try.

It seems far more likely to me that they have their model wrong

There's no single model - just like with fluid flow in general.


Microsoft Integrating Xbox One Advertising With Kinect To Profile Users For Ads 300

MojoKid writes "When Microsoft reversed its Xbox One DRM policies a few weeks back, there was momentary hope that the company has listened to its customers and understood the features they were asking for. Granted, this was brief. However, with Mattrick gone, there was some hope that maybe the company would reintroduce plans like Family Sharing and put the console back on track. Apparently not. Microsoft's big new feature with Kinect? Advertising. Microsoft plans to use Kinect to make advertisements even more engaging than their current counterparts. In the future, Kinect may offer you a 'Choose Your Own Adventure' style narrative in which you speak commands or give orders to an ad as it's playing to change the final outcome. The other way Microsoft wants to use Kinect is to monitor what's going on in the living room to serve you group-appropriate content, rather than resorting to the plain old method of bombarding you with non-interactive advertising for things you don't care about. Microsoft will likely learn that telling gamers that the Xbox One is an ad-centric experience and attempting to spin it like a positive doesn't actually work."

Comment Re:Great! (Score 0) 167

Nobody checks people's posting history. I've been called shills for companies I've lambasted in the past and a hater of companies I've expressed a liking for too often to think for a second anyone looks at my nick and goes "Hmm, I don't know this guy, let's check his history"

And yeah, Slashdot could do with one. I've gotten to the point personally that I actually hold off making jokes, because nine times out of ten, I get modded Troll for them, get serious replies, and I even frequently get replies that start "I realize I'm replying to a troll here but...".

Slashdot makes Germany look like the world's biggest comedy club.

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