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Comment Re:Why is it controversial? (Score 1) 183

I'm sure you realize that the pathogenic bacteria in question is C.Diff and a different species (and genus) from the beneficial bacteria supplied by the probiotic supplement/diet and they will never interact genetically.

It is the imbalance not the presence of these organisms that causes problems. E. Colli is another common troublemaker that lives in all of our bowels but is more easily dealt with than C. Diff. While some resistance to antibiotics *might* manifest, that resistance will be lost as the individuals die off from other means. Some temporary antibiotic resistance among the general gut flora population would be beneficial to the patient in that it would help maintain a diversity. The goal here is to balance the population diversity of the gut flora including the C. Diff. The C. Diff won't go away...ever.

Comment Re:Why is it controversial? (Score 3, Informative) 183

Generally, the root cause of a C. Diff infection is the course of antibiotics given to the the patient to treat another ailment. Once the course has concluded the normal diversity of gut flora is no longer present and the opportunity for C. Diff to overpopulate the gut arises. C. Diff is resistant to most antibiotics due to having a cyst phase in its life cycle that enables the bacteria to live on surfaces outside the bowel. Treatment with certain antibiotics including Flagyl or Vancomyacin may kill the C. Diff bacteria in the bowel but will also kill any other resident gut flora at the same time. If the patient comes in contact with C. Diff immediately following this second antibiotic course the infection will likely return. Often the physician will recommend live culture yogurt and other probiotics be ingested even during the C. Diff antibiotic treatment to promote a diversity of gut flora the moment the antibiotics are discontinued. This is not always successful and the treatment may have to repeated several times.

Comment Re:Dawkin's is a piss poor social scientist (Score 2) 862

Because Atheism is the existence of nothing...

No. That is called Nihilism.

...the denial of an existence of any kind of Lord...


...and the lack of any belief in anything except what's 'visible' to the eye.

LOL! No. How did you come to this conclusion. Few atheists would deny the existence radio waves, bacteria, electrons...sounds...

The Courts

Submission + - Samsung sues over iPhone 5 (computerworld.com.au)

angry tapir writes: "Samsung Electronics filed a motion in a U.S. federal court on Monday to add Apple's latest smartphone, the iPhone 5, to its patent lawsuit. Samsung's motion, filed in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California, seeks to add the iPhone 5 to its second lawsuit filed against Apple on April 18, the company said in a statement."

Submission + - Best phone carrier in the US 1

martypantsROK writes: "After nearly seven years of living abroad, I'm planning to return to the USA in early 2013. Last time I lived there, smart phones weren't out yet, dropped calls were common and poor reception (can you hear me now?) was an ad campaign. I'm used to South Korea's wicked speeds, both internet and wireless networks, and wondering what the slashdot community believes to be best carrier in the USA. Which is fastest? Which offers the best deal for unlimited data? Nationwide roaming and coverage? Prices? Service?"

Submission + - Online Security and a Digital Fingerprint from a GPU? (airbornegamer.com)

AirborneGamer writes: "Online security and user authentication are not usually things that are brought up when discussing a Graphics Card. However, recently researchers have found they are very related. PUFFIN and PUF are two key components of this inherent integration and possible future unique identifier that allow software to detect a GPU and connect that Graphics Card to a user."

Submission + - Looks like the The Pirate Bay has been Sunk! (theregister.co.uk)

X!0mbarg writes: Not long ago, there was a story posted here, on SlashDot itself, that mentioned a batch of ISPs being raided, and an assortment of BitTorrent sites going down. Within minutes, an internet favourite, The Pirate Bay seems to have disappeared. Over at http://www.theregister.co.uk/ a Story pops up covering just such a noteworthy event.
"Rumors are flying after the Pirate Bay's website took a dive on Monday just as news broke of a raid by Swedish police on its hosting company PRQ – but the group says the two facts are not related.

"Dear internet. We have not been raided. We are not shutting down. We like turtles, waffles and you," the group said on its Facebook page. "Sorry for not fulfilling your pirate needs tonight. It's ok if you cheat on us with another site, just once. We know that you still love us, deep down in your cursed pirate heart."

There is, however, something more suspicious here:

Where's the Original SlashDot story that covered the Raid and Fall of the Torrent Sites? It also seems to have disappeared from the Stories list in the last few moments.

Are these two events linked in some way? Has SlashDot been censored somehow? Was the story Too Hot for SlashDot?

Let's all watch and see what happens next!


Submission + - Nokia bets big on mapping (computerworld.com.au)

angry tapir writes: "Nokia and Oracle have joined forces on mapping, with details of the deal to be announced at the Oracle OpenWorld conference. To differentiate its smartphones from the competition, Nokia is betting big on location as well as imaging technology. Oracle is expected to add Nokia's mapping technology to its applications. Part of Nokia's location strategy is signing deals for the use of its Navteq mapping technology with as many companies as possible. Besides the deal with Oracle, Nokia has recently announced contracts with car makers BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagen and Korean Hyundai, which will all use Navteq map data in some of their vehicles. Garmin will also start using Nokia data on transit services and walking routes to power a new Urban Guidance feature, which will be available as part of its Navigon app for Android and iOS. Nokia's most important partner on navigation, though, is Microsoft. All smartphones based on Windows Phone 8 will have Nokia's Drive application as standard, while Microsoft's Bing Maps geographical search engine uses Nokia data."

Submission + - Dysfunctional IT Relationships (infoworld.com) 1

snydeq writes: "In large technology departments, dysfunctional relationships breed like mushrooms in a dank basement. 'Your dev and ops teams are no longer on speaking terms, while your junior and senior developers can't seem to agree on anything. IT and legal are constantly at each other's throats. Storage wonks are ready to declare war on the database admins, while sys admins seem to be on everyone's bad side.' InfoWorld's Dan Tynan takes a look at how to rectify tensions that often arise when conflicting demands are placed on the same IT systems. How does your IT department handle friction?"

Submission + - Save the Web from software patents (fsf.org)

TheNextCorner writes: "PersonalWeb's software patent suit against Github and others threatens the freedom of the Web. In order to make sure that the Web can remain a free and accessible space for everyone, we need to rid ourselves of all the patents that threaten its viability. We need to end software patents."

Comment Scale this up (Score 3, Insightful) 44

These don't have to be limited to just RoboBees. The algorithm could be used for more than just pollination. Think about it. Build anything of the appropriate size to autonomously go out and collect $RESOURCE, return with a load, refuel itself and go back out. Some cursory self-defense, like hazard evasion, would be nice. Throw in some networked communication to help with discovery of sources and you have a very efficient way to accumulate stuff.

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