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Comment Price Social Networking (Score 2) 291

If so many people are concerned with their privacy, yet still want a Social Network; why not create your own website. Using HTML5 or whatever other fad code of today, creating your own fully linked website with interactive media is almost as easy as creating a facebook profile. With the searching power of google finding all your friends is just as easy. Chatting, use irc. facebook as brought nothing new to the area of personal web presence, except it's almost idiot-proof, and, oh yeah. FREE! Now that the dust has settled on this fashionable form of web presence, it's not so amazing to those who don't want everyone in the world with a PC or smartphone to have a direct portal to their info. Kids are killing themselves over this info, crimes are being committed. People, it's time to take responsibility for your own actions and get a clue. If you don't know how the internet works, GET OFF-LINE! Anyone can do anything with a computer. Until there is some kind of world internet police, it's free game. This is what makes it so special. Stop whining and get informed. Don't tell others what to do with their companies, your not paying for anything. On the web, all you have to do and compete. Make something better. Then watch as the users tell you what to do.Best part is, you can ignore them too. You have the power to control your "on-line avatar", whatever, but you cant sit on your hands and let others do it. Get coding!

Submission + - How To Deny DDoS Attacks (

snydeq writes: "Security Advisor's Roger Grimes provides insights on how to stop today's increasingly sophisticated DDoS attacks. 'The most difficult challenge has been DDoS attackers' increasing sophistication as they've moved from targeting Layers 3 and 4 (routing and transport) to Layer 7 (the application layer). They've learned, for example, how to determine which elements comprise a victim's most popular Web page, honing in on which ones take the most time to load and have the least amount of redundancy,' Grimes writes. 'The most sophisticated DDoS hackers have attacked with many vectors, one at a time, thus increasing the pain. A growing number of DDoS victims have found that attackers are using these types of multipronged, multiday assaults as ruses to draw attention from more damaging attacks elsewhere on the network. '"

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