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Comment Re:Honeypot? (Score 1) 282

Here's where you stop reading:

"1) Bitcoin was almost certainly a team effort. The design has been peer-reviewed and is found to be remarkably secure, complete and well-rounded[1]. I argue that this suggests that a peer-review or quality control process has already been applied. If one individual cryptographer had written Bitcoin, it would contain far more idiosyncracies than it does, not just in the cryptosystem design but also in the C++ code itself."

Now... go get a copy of the 0.1 bitcoin client - the one that Satoshi wrote - and take a look at the code. It's hideous. Really bad.

I've seen other articles where people consider Bitcoin evidence of some kind of post-singularity intelligence at work.

It's clueless n00bs who didn't notice Bitcoin until 2013, and are apparently so narcissistic that since they weren't paying attention during 2009-2012 they assume nothing of importance happened then, so Bitcoin must have been dropped in our laps in its present form by some kind of omniscient cyber-god.

Comment Re:Crisis not solved, made worse (Score 2) 282

USA did NOT have to default on its creditors, 2300BILLION USD are collected per year by the feds, less than 300BILLION USD need to be paid out as the interest.

Obama, other politicians, the MSM all came out and told the bond holders: you are the low men on the totem pole, we won't pay you if we can't borrow more from you even though we collect almost 10 times the money in taxes that we need to pay you.

Anybody in their sane mind would see this as a direct threat against their assets (US bonds or dollars) if they have any and would immediately start unloading, but then again, this was obvious for a couple of decades now what is going on, specifically after the real default in 1971, when Nixon defaulted on the gold dollar.

Apparently you got downmodded for speaking the truth.

Comment Re:China (Score 4, Insightful) 282

I just love how quickly and how extensively Bitcoin is growing outside the United States, especially because the trolls who insist that the US will just shut it down someday are going to keep saying that well beyond the point at which it would matter to the Bitcoin economy if the US completely stopped existing.

Comment Don't operate a startup in the US any more (Score 1) 181

If you have a big idea it's likely to ruffle some feathers of legacy players in the space where you're trying to innovate. Increasingly, those players will have purchased favorable legislation that will be used against you if you start luring their customers away with better offerings. If you're located in the US you'll have no effective defense against that kind of shakedown.

Internet-delivered services can be provided from anywhere in the world - it's far safer to base these businesses in an entirely different country if they are going to accept US customers.

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