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Comment Re:Food Inc (Score 1) 76

Those chickens were most likely buried alive. i.e. Chickens Buried Alive - Culling, and Chickens Alive in Bags before buried Alive The food processing and factory farm/aggribusiness lobbies are the most effective at shielding the general public from severely cruel and unethical operations to maximize profits. These are living animals with advanced nervous systems and brains. So laugh at this

Comment Re:Possible FRAUD ALERT. (Score 1) 151

"Four or more cups a day lowered the risk of getting oral cancers by 49%." Is that public relations from coffee producers? Did the percentage of oral cancers go down because people died from diabetes? I'm VERY skeptical.

Why'd you flag his post as a troll for? It's a legit assumption, whether its completely ignorant of the study or not. Most of the general public are increasingly unaware of more and more reality outside their individual tiny inner circles of immediate friends and family, and their social media apps. Corporate media is a dubious source of information controlled by the biggest advertisers and trust funds from big oil and other polluters. These types of funders, clearly driven by self-interest, drive the storyline the public chats about, injecting half-truths and lies that promote their own selfish interests into the public conscience, everyone and everything else be damned. So yeah, warm n fuzzy "studies" like this should be initially met with skepticism.

Comment Re:Virtual books are retarded. (Score 1) 108

As much as I wish you were wrong... for technical books,with lots of diagrams, eBooks are lacking. eBooks need some critical features:

Robust search & presentation

Excellent bookmarking features.

Palm/Handspring-style stylus/finger writing recognition (including optional stylus for finer, more precise input) for note taking that ties in with bookmarks and search engine, and how about giving us other personal productivity apps as good and useful as Palm's were?

Lack of cpu power is no excuse for this lack of "innovation" in UI and presentation in ebook readers. Stop behaving like uncreative risk-averse fun-killing MBAs running hollywood productions.

Give it everything Palm Pilot gave its users + an excellent ebook reader. Do something, because iPads sitting on peoples laps does who-knows-what to their gonads.

Comment Re:Makes sense for them. (Score 1) 224

What regulation that allowed viable competition was removed? As far as I am aware, both cable providers and telephone providers have been regulated as local monopolies for almost as long as the former has existed and since before I was born for the latter. Unless someone else is allowed to run the cabling/fiber there can be no real competition. The fact that there are no more than two options just about everywhere is a product of regulation, not a product of the removal of regulation.

I believe he was referring to a wrongheaded 2002 FCC reclassification of broadband Internet service as an information service rather than a telecommunications service.

"In theory, this step implied that broadband was equivalent to a content provider (such as AOL or Yahoo!) and was not a means to communicate, such as a telephone line. In practice, it has stifled competition.

Phone companies have to compete for your business. Even though there may be just one telephone jack in your home, you can purchase service from any one of a number of different long-distance providers. Not so for broadband Internet. Here consumers generally have just two choices: the cable company, which sends data through the same lines used to deliver television signals, and the phone company, which uses older telephone lines and hence can only offer slower service."

Comment Re:Download an app???? NO!!!! (Score 1) 403

Just because you can not, does not mean the rest of us can not.

I use iPad for everything including writing just fine for what it is intended, and that is subjective to the user. In my use case, I am taking it when I am on a commute like the train, or on the go at classes. It's light and easy to use in closed quarters and when I'm back at my house I simply open the same notes on my laptop to continue. The right tool, in the right place at the right time.

So once again, just because you can not make it work....does not discount the rest of us who can.

Its "cannot", unless that was weak sarcasm. Before you two girls get into a hamster-on-a-wheel style face-slapping fight, you can use decent bluetooth keyboards with the iPad if don't feel like 2-finger touch typing your way through real work.

Comment Re:Romney surrounding himself w/Bush Neocons (Score 1) 529

Do you watch Bill Mahr? If not, you should still watch his latest show -specifically his closing remarks on what a Romney administration would like like. In summary, it would look like identical Bush's admin: religious zealots covering up old topless statues in govt buildings cause boobies are naughty and evil; neocons starting shit for resources like oil and lithium. Oh and heroin (imo). Get reaquanted with fear, through some more shock and awe. Don't want to return to that. The Obama administration has at least given us a break from all of that nonsense.

Comment Nicira eats Cisco's breakfast. (Score 1) 220

No doubt Nicira's Network Virtualization Platform will hurt Cisco unit sales now and in the immediate future. Premium Cisco h/w prices will be ending real soon. At least with non-hypervisor-aware models. With VMware's recent acquisition of Nicira, and Cisco expanding its partnership with Citrix, say goodby to the VMware/Cisco alliance. SDNs will virtualize most, if not all, gigantic data centers and enterprise networks in short order. But who will dominate the transition?. Regardless, I wouldn't bet against Cisco's ability to survive and thrive through these coming changes. And I don't think you should stop studying for your CCIE, it that's something you're doing. You should find out as much as you can about Nicira's SDN controller s/w.

VMware is making some bold but good moves here. I wonder why the damn day traders and insiders have recently abandoned VMW stock. One market analyst writes an article about "the server virtualization market being saturated" and they panic and they all bail out. Very very tricky of you, you god damned short-term volatility creating bastards with your inside tips from column writing analysts.

Comment Romney surrounding himself w/Bush Neocons (Score 2) 529

Romney is surrounding himself with Bush neocons and you know a Romney administration would staff key cabinet positions with them. And he doesn't know anything about foreign policy, and couldn't care less about earth sciences - specifically environmental science. No, he would leave all that to neocons and big oil construction companies to deal with. Shock & awe, bombing runs, land wars, fear in the form of colorful terror warning labels, etc. More war (non-infrastructure investment) debt that does nothing good for the US economy, except grab more oil at the high cost of war. The only "good thing" for you Slashdotters are Romney's promised high bracket tax cuts. And if you're a one issue voter that'd be it. Otherwise, you know better. So the question is: get bigger tax returns and fuck-up middle easterners and the earth's biosphere, or not?

Comment Corporate users: WinXP - Win8 are you kidding? (Score 1) 727

If a web browser serves as a front-end to all of a large corporation's apps, I would recommend the $250ish Google Chromebooks over Win8. But only because Win8 UI is ridiculously confusing & alien to Windows users. Win8 will only accelerate enterprise IT to look elsewhere, including Google's low cost Chromebooks for its users. Microsoft should have continued refining the desktop UI, like Win7 did - Hint: should've kept desktop PC/Workstations and Laptops in mind as a priority, should've added some of the best desktop features from Linux, and kept touchscreen tablet & monitor features as a secondary amenity - not a priority. Win8 makes it appear Microsoft is in a rush to abandon Intel & AMD and PC/Workstations in general. Microsoft's Win8 is unfriendly with regards to desktop workstation user experience, and is a waste of time and money when compared to alternatives (front-ends) from Google. Microsoft had better support Win7 for the same length of time it supported WindowsXP. I won't recommend Win8 to any enterprise network.

Comment Re:Not sure I care what Bill Nye thinks (Score 1) 259

Republicans have become science-suppressors, not the democrats. To equate the two parties in this manner is a false equivalency. Romney made it clear: he and the neocons don't give a shit about concerns coming from earth sciences. I have a problem with appointing industry lobbyists with religious nutballs that actually think Earth is a temporary testing ground for some binary test. This effectively grants permission for offending corporations to go nuts with reckless destructive processes unimpeded by responsible, rational planning.

Government was designed to protect its citizens from enemies, both foreign and domestic. When big corporations have their way with our federally protected lands, sea & air, a government agency, the dept. of the interior (in this case) was designed to ensure any management & distribution of these scarce and precious resources be done in a responsible way or not at all. But when you have an administration that cynically appoints big-oil, lumber, cattle, & coal lobbyists along with religious wackos into top positions, including #1 & #2, then things fall apart and you get reckless wild-west mentality that benefits a very narrow bunch of companies at the expense of everyone else, including future generations. Then what do you do? You blame government. That's the Koch Brothers way. Its how you wind up with people voting against their own interests with a passion. But its destructive both near-term and long-term for this country, for this world's finely tuned biosphere, and its immediate future. This world with its comfortable evolved biosphere is all there is for humanity. And humanity cannot duplicate it any meaningful way, any time soon.

Comment Re:Seriously... (Score 1) 381

What is that with Americans playing on the person all the time?

In Holland, we have had politicians who were publicly known to visit SM dungeons and black rooms. Are publicly gay. Or just unmarried, like our current prime minister. And no-one, literally no-one, makes a fuzz out of that.

Any debate will be about political issues. The worst accusations regarding personal lifes is about possible activist behaviour in the past. Working for greenpeace for example, like the current leader of the big labour party who has been arrested at least 10 times due to his activist history.

So.. I think this is a good thing. I'm not seeing how a politicians personal life, sexlife, hobbies, children, wife or man, has anything to do with the quality of the person as politician, and the message he or she brings. They are ordinary humans just like you and me with human desires, emotions and errors.

So, why with 'you' it is an issue if a politician plays a rogue in WoW? I wouldn't know, and have no issue with it myself untill she ganks me. If any, it only proves she's just as human as the 2 million other rogues around in this game, and is in for some fun and entertainment at a time, proving she's got a modern youthful mind..

2 cents from over the atlantic.

They're treated like babies and things are highly censored in a strange way. Something to do with empire maintenance, ya know... keep em fat, happy, ignorant & uninformed. Still, I do like Marshall Dillon in the old b&w episodes.

Comment Re:Makes a change from "Death of mainframes" (Score 1) 329

That's another title we see here once every [n] months. I still work on what I used to call a mainframe ("Enterprise Server", or "Big iron", or "my baby") and I expect to still be using a PC for many years. Slow news day at Slashdot HQ? I bet we see the "can anyone be a programmer or does it take special skills" one soon. (Oh, wait...)

I hope its hype and nothing more, but it seems different this time, ie. dwindling unit sales, s/w piracy, difficulty of PC manufacturers to remain barely profitable. What applications really drove the explosive growth of personal computers anyway? Email, web, word processing, spreadsheets, CAD, forums, IRC, compilers/assemblers, and computer games. All those apps, with the exception of CAD, and the most graphics-intensive online/offline computer games are mostly F2P in the "cloud". For those cloud apps, h/w that can run a web browser is the minimum requirement, so the PC is overkill in that case. Much smaller, less energy intensive, and dumber devices like smartphones and tablets will suffice for those apps. Still need fast 3D graphics accelerators, i/o ports for large HD monitors & good qwerty keyboards though. People saying these are ancient fossil dinosaurs for i/o that need to go instinct are wrong, often moronic.

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