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Comment Re:Solution? (Score 1) 343

We do not have a spot on the ticket to say neither of the above. We do not have a spot on the ticket to vote against the bastard.
The media lie about some of the runners most of the time, and most of the runners some of the time. So the vast majority of people are NOT educated.
Media news about runners is not supposed to be advertising, but it is.
Several times in history the guy who got elected had fewer voters than the guy who lost. Fewer states, smaller land area, etc.
Teh whole system sucks.
Can you say electoral college?
And then, the politicians lie to us.
We are royally screwed. Not Democratic in any way.

Comment NOT elections (Score 4, Informative) 343

Elections are where free people can choose who they want in public office.
In America, the government, corporations, institutions, organizations, and political parties choose what rich stupid b*stard gets to be put in front of you to get "voted" into office.
You do not have a choice. Whatever party you vote in, you will still get scr*wed by a lying, cheating, bribed b*stard. You get the same sh*t. Just different public "statements, promises, and claims"
If we were electing someone to represent our interests in government, they would be representing our interests. Instead, they are representing the interests of lobbyists, PACs, special interest groups, corporations, institutions, and the rich and famous in general.
Is it in our interest to have Obama spend 200,000,000+ on a flight vacation to Hawaii while joblessness is above 9%? I do not think so. How many jobs has Obama created? 1, for Michelle's brother, the basketball coach in Oregon.
Tell me again how anyone, Democrat or republican, got anything they voted for.

Comment Re:The U.S. is notoriously bad (Score 1) 338

Finding other sources of rare earths has never been a problem. We know plenty of good mine locations everywhere. The problem is the separation process for the individual rare earths, which is very poisonously polluting. China is currently the only place which is unconcerned about the pollution poisoning the environment and citizens.

Comment Re:The real problem (Score 1) 352

Fool. The economic meltdown, primarily due to the subprime and related bs, happened not only under Obama's watch, but with federal protection. The whole situation looked so suspicious before the crash that a group of state governors went to the federal gov about it and not only got blown off, but even threatened by the feds if they pursued the issue. So the crash went down.
Yes, I believe Obama's political appointees who did this against the State governors operated within Obama's stated policies, the gov's stated policies of entitlement to owning a home, as well as the fed's stated policies against state rule and powers.
And the fiscal irresponsibility (oops, I mean responsibility) for the economy is Obama's, no one else's.
Obama later appointed some of the biggest crooks to office under him. Rewarded them for their greed and immorality.

Comment Anyone can predict crime, even without a computer (Score 1) 377

Let's work this out in reverse. 90% of crimes are not reported. 90% of reported crimes result in no arrests. 90% of arrests result in no time served. 85% of cons are return guests of the system. 90% of cons were using drugs or alcohol, or had been, or needed the money from the crime to get more booze and/or drugs.
So how do you predict where crimes are going to happen? Just follow cons and you are there for 90% of crimes. Just arrest a con to prevent 90% of crimes. Just watch bars / liquor stores to see most cons.
Predicting crimes and arresting criminals does not decrease the crime rate, except temporarily while they are in jail. Jail / prison is not a crime deterrent, for those who survive to get released.
What does deter crime? Here is an example of successful crime deterrence. In Dade County, Florida, a local gun shop and the police force got together for a highly publicized "train women how to use guns" course. Rape dropped 90% for a while after that, even though only a few women signed up for the course. The threat of immediate gunshot wounds with possible death was a great crime deterrent. So serious consequences are required to deter criminals. Something not done by our present prison system. What is one of the lowest crime rate countries in the world? Switzerland. Why? because of the mandatory military service requirement, which ends with you take home your FALN, or whatever. Criminals do not like the idea of breaking into homes when the likelihood is very high that the homeowner is armed, trained, and dangerous.
How do you prevent crime? Stop kissing cons' butts. If they are once convicted of a violent crime, surgically insert a tag so that when they walk into public places they are known as cons, the same as store goods are tagged..After conviction they should lose their rights barring search and seizure, wiretapping, electronic bracelet tracking, etc. Give them a specific electronic bank card, so all their expenditures are tracked. And especially, they should lose all rights to apeals and technicalities getting their cases thrown out. Juries need to be told right up front of prior convictions. Juries need proper instructions.
Earth to space. We need protection from the cons, not visa versa.

Comment Re:Nothing to worry about, move along (Score 1, Funny) 417

This is our own government claims. The same people who came up with the TSA and Homeland Security, FEMA, and the Obama administration.
The same government who told the state governments that there was no danger from subprime loans.
The same government who burned down the branch davidians, instead of arresting David Koresh the day before in town.
The same government who came up with 13.5 trillion in debt in four years.
And you believe them because...

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