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Comment Re:Place names (Score 1) 642

I don't do it because I'm not interested in biology. Same reason I'm not a car mechanic or a plumber, which both also pay well. My lack of interest in studying for 7 years to inject morphine into patients says nothing about the ease of doing so.

And your thoughts had nothing to do with the reality that was presented to you afterwards. The US spends over twice the OECD average per capita on health care, yet ranks 37th in performance. 1/6 of the country doesn't even have any type of insurance, and even more have poor insurance, neither of which are magically negated by the fact that you're a doctor and therefore must know what you're talking about. A reasonable person sees when they're wrong, and stops doing the same mistake over and over again afterward (voting for the party ignores this and panders to social conservatives instead).

Comment Re:Place names (Score 1) 642

Drawing any lines in a state is absurd. If 50% of the state votes for one party, then 50% of their representatives should be from that party, and same if it's 60% and so on. And 1st-grade math will show that Maryland's case (which is still wrong) is the exception, since the overall Congressional layout shows 201-234 in favor of Republicans, despite the voter turnout being 49.0% - 47.7% in favor of Democrats, so don't try to make a false equivalency out of it.

Comment Re:Place names (Score 1) 642

Blah blah blah, I'm not really interested in responding to more of your anecdotal experiences, or in humoring the delusions of an anesthesiologist who thinks his line of work requires any more intelligence than a kid with a calculator and formula sheet (but kudos to being smarter than someone who can't open their mouth correctly), so I'm just going to respond to the very last thing you said regarding health care: It's not as simple as just expanding Medicare. The US already spends more on public health care (i.e. Medicaid and Medicare) than most other OECD countries spend on both private AND public health care, so it should be pretty clear that there's more to do than simply expanding coverage. Pharmaceuticals need much stronger pricing regulations, as do hospitals (which I'm well aware means a lower salary for you); regular check-ups also need very low price ceilings, since there's a strong correlation between the cost of a country's average hospital visit and the frequency that that country's average citizen visits the hospital. Saying "I'm a doctor" doesn't automatically make up for you not knowing any of this.

You can disagree with this all you want, since I'm sure you've gotten used to making obscene amounts of money for monotonous work, but that doesn't change the fact that it's what every other -developed- country in the world does.

Also, what do you have against increased education and infrastructure spending? Lower college cost means less people needing government assistance, and more public transportation means billions of dollars saved in oil costs, GDP lost to unpredictable traffic jams, reduced suburban sprawl, and even less people needing government assistance.

Comment Re:Place names (Score 1) 642

Spoken like someone who doesn't understand that disagreeing with the constitution means that you don't understand the constitution. The only reason anyone would say we don't have a real democracy as though that's a good thing is because they're the minority group (Republicans) screwing over the majority (Democrats).

What about the poster's comments hinted that they didn't understand that part of the constitution? I understand it, I just fundamentally disagree with it because he's right; it's an outdated, inefficient way of governing that leaves room for disgusting levels of abuse via gerrymandering, which is why a majority of people in Pennsylvania voted Democrat, yet only 5 of their 18 representatives are actually Democrat. On a larger scale, it's why more people voted Democrat that Republican (49% to 47.7%), yet Democrats only won 201 House seats while Republicans won 234.

So when you say that Congress represents specific groups of people, it sounds like you don't understand basic math.

Comment Re:Place names (Score 1) 642

Can't say means-testing social security is on the table for many Democrats, but I can say that cutting our outrageous military spending is. There's also universal health care (which is the reason every other OECD country ranks much higher than us and pays half as much per capita), increasing education spending so less people need government assistance in the first place, investing in more reasonable infrastructure like high-speed rail and public transportation like the rest of the developed world, and actually doing something to minimize the effects of global warming rather than pretending it doesn't even exist simply because those politicians won't live long enough to deal with the consequences.

Also, generalizations regarding which states get the most retirees are hardly the strongest argument for why certain states receive more tax dollars, since most retirees stay right where they are. Those states are welfare states because they have terrible/nonexistent public service planning, even by US standards.

There are your reasons to stop voting for the same party that panders to Jesus freaks (and also tries their best to obstruct everything in the first paragraph).

Comment Re:Captain Obvious? (Score 0) 292

Maybe you should try sitting down with the marketers, artists and executives all at the same table and have them all come to an agreement right there instead of being antagonistic and letting basic things drag out for months. If any business really gets this bad, that's a failing of ALL involved employees.

Comment I hope so (Score 3, Interesting) 177

It's worth noting that the massive earthquake needed to disable that nuclear plant also caused several oil refineries to outright explode. And the nuclear "disaster" was also largely overblown; none of the cleanup crew working INSIDE the plant has shown any sign of health issues, and the evacuation was a safety precaution that American "news" networks squawked at and circled like vultures and sensationalized into the start of the zombie apocalypse (4 days away, btw).

Even if nuclear energy WAS as terrible and evil as some people (i.e. oil companies and the people they fool) like to say, no amount of nuclear radiation in a few concentrated waste areas would be anywhere near as ecologically disastrous as the worldwide effect that CO2 emissions given off by oil and gas.

So I seriously hope the LDP restarts Japan's nuclear program. Closing it in favor of importing oil was one of the biggest environmental crimes in history.

Comment Re:I don't have a windows key... (Score 0) 675

What is there to even complain about productivity-wise with Windows 8? It's EXACTLY the same after you press the Start button. And it boots up significantly faster than 7. Most importantly, only Windows 8 supports development of Metro programs, which should be reason enough for you to upgrade if you're only using a computer for work.

Comment Re:Kudos (Score 1) 1061

Isn't hacking a hate-spreading website also an act of speech? If "donating" money to politicians is now an act of speech, I fail to see how telling the WBC to go screw themselves isn't an act of speech. Shame on you for acting like everyone should be all hugs and kisses with these kinds of hatemongers.

Comment Re:Unity (Score 1) 273

You're downplaying Ubuntu's huge impact on drawing ordinary, non-tech-savvy people toward Linux. Its influence dwarfs every other distro's. You mention other prominent distros, but when you actually ASK other people (who aren't programmers) who have just adopted a Linux distro what they use, they don't answer "Debian" or "Arch" or "Mint," they answer "Ubuntu." Your own solitary opinion on Ubuntu or the FSF doesn't matter.

Comment Re:behavior, like constantly checking your phone? (Score 1) 163

I don't THINK my generation is better than my parents'; I KNOW it is. Note the lack of self-imposed racial segregation in most schools. Checking your phone mid-conversation might be rude, but you know what's much more rude? The racism, homophobia, and overall bigotry your generation showed (and in many states continues to show). You can pull the "you'll see in 20 years" card, but you must realize that even with that taken into account, our faults are much smaller than your generation's.

And please, even 4channers know 4chan is the ass of the internet.

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