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Comment Re:Things that make you go "Huh?" (Score 4, Insightful) 379

they would be using their back to pull against that 40-lb resistance...which is not that big a deal if you're in shape.

40 lb resistance is not a lot of weight but putting all that pressure onto a coin-sized ring that could only be pulled with one gloved finger? That seems really odd to me.

Think of the last time you carried groceries nowhere near 40 lb and the bags cut into your hand, even though you were using all four fingers. Increase the weight to 40lb, then quadruple it by putting it on one finger. That's a lot of force required.

Comment Re:easy (Score 4, Funny) 315

Metrics are favoured by lazy management.

Look, using metrics doesn't indicate lazy management.

Look, using metrics that you don't have available doesn't indicate lazy management.

Look, using metrics that you don't have available so you ask your staff to measure their own metrics doesn't indicate lazy management.

Look, using metrics that you don't have available, so you ask your staff to measure their own metrics, but you don't know what metrics they should measure, so they end up asking Slashdot what some good metrics are, doesn't indicate lazy management.

Comment Re:Who? (Score 1) 112

NCIX is ok, but they are _slow_ and really suck at packaging. I've found all manner of weird stuff in boxes from NCIX.. rolls of tape, pages from random printer manuals, other customers order forms! Half the time the box is way too big and it seems like they just shove whatever bits of foam, bubble wrap, paper, and those air pocket things they have laying around (I recently received a box that contain all of those in a big box containing a smaller box containing a server shelf.. which was laying at the bottom of the box!

I love NCIX but I gotta admit I usually buy consumer stuff from them rather than industrial-grade like server shelves. The one time I had a problem with them, they screwed up the quantity of some 120mm cooling fans I ordered, and when I phoned them it was pretty obvious that they were swamped because of the Sandy Bridge replacement fiasco (my company was having fulfillment trouble from Dell during the same period).

Comment Re:Saw this coming.. Performance won't be noticed (Score 1) 283

And at the same time, "modest performance cost" is probably negligable at this point.

Agreed. The wikipedia article linked from this story illustrates that the industry hasn't stood still and there have been developments by nVidia and others for alternative methods. If we're lucky the new Doom 3 source will have a better algorithm than the retail version.

Comment Saw this coming.. (Score 5, Interesting) 283

I sent John Carmack an email about this back in April 2009:

Hi John,

I believe you've said publicly that you are planning a GPL release of the Doom 3 source code, but I remember around the time the game was launched you had Creative holding a patent on the shadows algorithm, and you assuaged them by including support for EAX. Is that still causing problems?


When we release the code (no date set), anyone that uses it would potentially be infringing. There are workarounds at a modest performance cost.

John Carmack

It sounds like id's lawyers are asking him to implement one of the workarounds he mentioned before he makes the public release.

Comment MPAA are morons (Score 5, Insightful) 360

i honestly tried to grasp the logic set forth in the article but all i can see is "wahhhh we don't like the itunes model". if you don't want to get swallowed by itunes like the music industry did, create your own digital storefront. you never will because this implies actually building something rather than sitting back and letting the royalty checks flow in, you lazy, litigious, delusional assholes

Comment Re:Really? Really? (Score 2) 277

Someone in a previous article mentioned that Cringely predicted these events back in February:

He said "Meg can knock back brewskies as well as any man and will probably fill those CEO shoes even better than Apotheker."

She will probably put the reins on the death spiral that Apotheker only accelerated.

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