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Comment Re:Nothing new for Telstra (Score 1) 217

Well I'm one of those people who you think is stupid, but I do live in a rural area so the service from every one else is dismal. On the internet front I could get more downloads from another company but the few I tried ripped me of by saying I was on a cap but charging me standard rates on top of the cap (AAPT) and if I move to another house they treat as breaking the contract and charge me extra (westnet), and the bloody mobiles, telstra works every where with a next g phone, and good reception on digital out of town, I had a vodaphone, virgin and Crazy johns and their signal would die as soon as leave a town. Plus because my bills a paid on time they give me discounts, happy to add and change a plan for me, the service from them has been awesome, especially when I was a bit younger and some times struggled to pay bills I could ring them and other to pay it of in instalments, unfortunately AAPT wouldn't give us the same option, even though I couldn't pay it because it was too high because of there fuck up. The idea of keeping the copper lines is a brilliant one, especially in the country where we have quite a few power failures and the phones just keep working wich is an absolute releif when I have small children, I pay more but moneys no substitute for service and reliability IMHO.

Comment Re:Just like a video game! (Score 1) 199

Thats exactly what I was thinking, and the fact they kept mentioning LOD, just change the L to a N, the brotherhood of NOD are are about to attack and these Tesla Coils are the perfect defense. Just need a fleet of mammoth tanks with 2 turrets and a set of rocket launchers each, a commando and a few battleships and we'll be fine

Comment Re: unresolvable issues (Score 1) 93

Same here, but I've installed xfce and am now tweaking it so its looks like gnome 2. Also i set my / drive as a separate partition too my home folder so when precise pangolin comes out I'm going to install Xubuntu instead of Ubuntu and try and import my settings, I did try oneric but it seemed very buggy and slow, mind you I did install gnome shell and used fall-back mode which isn't as good as gnome 2 or even xfce for that matter, can't stand Unity, to much like OSX, window controls should be on the window not the task bar, well when your a heavy mouse user like me anyway. Another thing I like about xfce is my two screens have different wallpapers which I really like.

Comment Re:Has anyone actually made any worthwhile with th (Score 1) 187

Thats my favorite game on Linux, it even works when I get shaped, it would be awesome if they update that with doom 3 engine. I'm in Australia and luckily theres a few servers here so the ping rates good and even found one with sensible people and not screaming 12 year olds. I must get a team speak working because every time I press T to type a message I end up doing the "ump tango" or "play catch the shiny bullet".

Comment Re:I think this is great. (Score 2) 240

Yeah I had a coach like that, but It was when I was 26, I was playing second grade Aussie rules for my country town, now 2/3 of the team game from the team across the road who had just folded and had been "wooden spooners" for like a decade, we had the spirit that we were having a social kick with our mates, sure we tried our hardest but we weren't serious, just for fun. Well to cut a long story short the new team I was playing for had inherited the wooden spooner position, we lost our game by 2 goals(12 points) to the team that was top of the ladder(and ended up winning the flag), in the change room the coach started saying we had played our best, the went on into a screaming tirade about our best wasn't good enough and winning is all that matters, I just stood up and walked to the showers and ignored him. He started having a go at me saying I'm not finished yet, my reaction was "Well I'm finished I only play to have fun with my mates, and secondly we aren't playing first grade and we aren't playing for sheep stations". He started saying shit like I was week and then a heap of other boys stood up and went to the showers and ignored him to. Pretty much from that point on no one had respect for him and some of us didn't show up for the rest of the season(and yhe ones who did ignored the dick of a coach and just looked after their teammates). Needless to say the club didn't renew his position the following season, our new coach was like us, seconds is for fun, and we made the finals that year, I understand the attitude of winning at all cost if its first grade or professional(some of our first grade players were payed) but when its just social or juniors the participation and friendship is whats important, winning is just a very welcome bonus. With my daughter starting nippers next year(under 7's) all I care is she has fun and tries her hardest, and god help any parent who has a go at her for sucking like I did

Comment Re:Wrong (Score 1) 200

never played forza with anything but a controller(IMO its the only way, but the kinect adventures is great for family fun, stops the kids getting pudgy, and it makes a great game for stoners or drunk people socializing(never laughed so much in my life) just like the eyetoy on ps2, In my opinion it opens up a new genre of gaming for average people. Hardcore gamers still need a controller and/or keyboard and mouse. Maybe to expand it may need props like bats and racquet's to get the most out of sporting games, the missus likes to do Zumba so its perfect for that(cheaper then a proper class and an instructor). Besides I rather my 5 year old jump around like a twit then killing poor defenseless Russians with a machine gun. Gamepad for racing, fighting and hardcore sport sims like FIFA, keyboard/mouse for FPS and strategy motion sensing for chilled out casual family fun. p.s the kinect would be good used in conjuction with a proper joystick on a pc for flight sims, especially in this day of multiple monitors(especially tripple), the head tracking from forza would be excellent, move the HUD to where your looking or for targeting like real life fighter pilot.

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