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Submission + - Walmart Labs Tries New Tech (

itwbennett writes: "Walmart's Labs division is setting up a 'big and fast data group' to explore ways to take advantage of the huge amounts of information it has about shopping behavior and combine it with social-networking data, said Venky Harinarayan, Walmart's senior vice president of global e-commerce and head of Walmart Labs. For example, finding out when people in Wisconsin start mentioning college football in status updates could help the company decide when to start putting team merchandise on shelves in that state, he said. 'This actually has been playing really, really well over the last few weeks as we've started engaging some of this,' he said. Mining social-networking data 'can impact billions of dollars of merchandise if we get it right,' he added."

Submission + - The Privatization of Copyright Lawmaking (

An anonymous reader writes: "The biggest misperception about SOPA is that it is somehow unprecedented or extraordinary. It is not. SOPA represents just the latest example of copyright law defined and controlled not by the government but by private entities. Copyright owners will deploy SOPA in the same way they have behaved in the past: to extend out their rights. They will disrupt sites that do not infringe a copyright, interfere with fair uses of copyrighted works, and take other steps that evade the limits that the Copyright Act sets on a copyright owner’s actual rights."

Submission + - Google Plus Already Affecting Search Results (

tetrahedrassface writes: "John Mark Troyer of VMware has noted in a post over on Google Plus that the recent implementation of Google Pages is already affecting search results. From the post, 'below are two searches for VAAI, a VMware-related acronym. On the left, I'm logged in to Google. On the right, logged out. On the left, the third result is from +Rich Brambley, someone I have in a Circle. That URL does not appear until page 3 of the logged out Google search. Another result from a blogger in one of my circles comes in as result #5 when logged in and not until on page 6 when logged out. (not shown)
What's the take home?
For Google+ users: be careful who you circle. It could affect your world view!

For organizations with pages:
* Make it easy for people to circle bloggers who write about you. Share good content from others! Share a circle!
* Start building your Google+ community. It will change how people find information about you and your activities.
* SEO just got a lot more complicated.
For journalists and media organizations:
* Sorry ZDNet, you just got bumped by a blogger."


Submission + - Twitter's privacy policy and the Wikileaks case (

Rand310 writes: The federal judge in the Wikileaks case cited in his order a version of Twitter's privacy policy from 2010, rather than the very different policy that existed when Appelbaum, Gonggrijp and Jonsdottir created their Twitter accounts back in 2008. That older policy actually promised users that Twitter would keep their data private unless they violated the company's terms of service.

If the judge were to examine the privacy policy that existed when these three targets signed up for a Twitter account, he might decide that they do in fact have a reasonable expectation of privacy and that the government needs a warrant to get the data.

Submission + - SPAM: Web Design Tips To Apply That Are Extremely Valuab

iamkathy218 writes: Web design is a complicated subject when you realize that a lot of factors go into making a good site. Your aim with designing a site is to not only be appealing to your visitors but also getting high rankings for it in the search engines. But if your site is not attractive enough to keep visitors on it, despite impressing search engines, it won't help you much. Visitors who land on your site and hit the back button immediately, also known as the "bounce rate", will do so mainly based on the visual appeal of your site. For this reason, emphasizing good web design is critical for efficient results over the long term. While they achieve great results with the search engines, some sites have very poor results in terms of sales. This article will offer a few ideas and suggestions you can employ when working in web design.

To create an interesting website that attracts visitors to return often then you must make sure you provide quality content that they can use. The aesthetic components of your design might be effective in creating the wow factor when people visit your site but to have them return you need to offer interesting content. People love fresh content when they are online, so you can do this merely by updating your content regularly. If you want to make sure people actually read your content you must make it interesting as well because many articles are ignored because they are boring even if the information is useful. The tone of your content shouldn't sound stale in any way, make it lively and write like you talk. And yes, try to keep the content short and readable since your visitors won't really have the patience to read through big chunks of information. Asking for their opinion of your site is important. Reaching out and communicating with the people who visit your site will be beneficial in the long run. Including visuals on your website do much more than just improve the aesthetics of your site. You should use your visuals to communicate the right message to your site's visitors. Using colors on your site can present your company's image as well as communicate with your site's visitors. For instance, if you have a site that has to do with "going green" then you'll want to use a lot of green on the site and distribute it around. And solid, bright colors would be used for a site that's intended to sell kids toys. There are lots of ways you can use visuals to present your site in a positive way. They can also be used to make navigation easier, such as using them for the purpose of highlighting where you use buttons to highlight certain links. You can also use visuals such as arrows and bold text, for example, to direct visitors to a separate page.

Never allow any music to start playing automatically when someone comes to visit. When the visitors come to your site and hear any kind of music blasting out, they will simply move on to the next one. One other thing, audio welcome messages, or video that starts right away — you're risking the ire of the visitor. You'll create a more positive impression if you let visitors decide what they hear, or watch. To conclude, effective web design isn't quite as complex as it may appear. Don't overlook the aforementioned ideas and make sure to take care of all the small details. You will find that the challenge is to create a site that your visitors are interested in, not to simply design a site.

Submission + - Icelandic MP to challenge US Court Ruling on Twitt (

JabrTheHut writes: The Guardian has a story of how Icelandic MP Birgitta Jonsdottir, a former Wikileaks volunteer, is challenging the US' acquisition of Twitter account information, IP addresses, mailing addresses and even bank information. The US says it wanted these details to help with it's investigation into Wikileaks founder Julian Assange.

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