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Comment Re:No support, no bug fixes (Score 1) 293

If you are droning on about Photoshop then you are a poser that has no clue what Photoshop is used for. It's a canned Lemming Troll for idiots with no real clue.

I do my professional work with Photoshop. I wouldn't say I'm an artist (artists don't paint with computers), but I have very professional use for it. Yet you say I have no clue what it is used for. Care to tell me what it's good for, then?

Comment Re:No support, no bug fixes (Score 1) 293

I also prefer it as desktop OS, and not just for games. I use Linux on servers because that's where it shines best, but Linux in general either doesn't have the desktop programs I want or they're poor options. Like for example I love PHPEdit for editing php files, like I do with Visual Studio for .NET programs. Linux lacks compared to those, especially if you want to develop with C# or any other sane higher level language or for Windows. Another case is photo editing. There's both Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro along with several video editing programs and website designing programs like Artisteer. Those don't support Linux and there just isn't anything equivalent. Linux totally lacks on software catalog side of things. There just isn't any programs available.

Comment Re:facepalm (Score 3, Insightful) 136

Wait, what now? So when it's about Android vulnerabilities it's "Faceplam. This just in: complex software has security vulnerabilities." and when it's about Windows vulnerabilities, Gates should get a death sentence and we should bomb half the planet to kill every human being has ever even touched Windows?

Comment Re:Without Napster we'd still be buying all CD's (Score 0) 213

Should we do the same with DRM software?

If we go that route, then I could take Ubuntu and wrap it up in proprietary code. After that I donate to some Linux programmers who worked on some small part of it ("but Canonical just steals from the poor coders!") and it's justified!

Of course we can forget about the other people who worked on Ubuntu, just like we can forget about the other people who made that artists album happen.

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