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Comment Where do these numbers come from? (Score 1) 320

I don't want to go an question the validity of the numbers that Forbes is throwing around here, but they don't exactly make sense to me. How can the cost of manufacturing be so low? If it's only 2% of the cost of a device anyway, why would you want to outsource it? The labor to make a $400 ipad is... $8? Really?

Comment Re:The issue isn't with GMO safety (Score 1) 571

Here's what I don't understand: why can't some other company make essentially the same organism and just "code around" the patent? In software, there are a hundred different ways to achieve a similar effect and so most patents are easy enough to get around.
Genetic sequences, with their billions of possible combinations, and thousands of genes that are dormant and do nothing, should be incredibly easy to do this with. So why doesn't someone start selling a cheap knock-off of Monsanto's crop?

Comment Not as bad as Santorum's problem (Score 2) 630

A lot will depend on how google handles it. If you google "gingrich" and hit "I'm feeling lucky" or just look at the first result returned, what page will it be?

No matter how bad turns out, it can't possibly be as bad as what you get when you google Santorum

Or can it?

Comment Re:What is socialism ? (Score 1) 639

I must call bullshit on this map. I refuse to believe that NY and NJ are among the best states as far as spending to revenue is concerned. Both states have exceedingly high property taxes, high state income taxes, and high state sales taxes. Living in either state (I've lived in both) virtually every aspect of one's life is taxed. New York, in particular, has been running deficits for years.New Jersey at least had a couple of periods of sanity (mainly while Cody, who was never elected, filled in for various reasons). Also, Alaska reaps huge benefits from the high price of oil. It's one of the only states that hasn't teetered on the brink of financial ruin during the recent recession. There's something fishy there.

Comment Re:Er, no. (Score 2) 121

while I appreciate the brilliant quote, I don't get it. Something is wrong with a chance to score a tablet for $99? Did HP do a bait and switch last time around? OTOH, I guess we should be skeptical of a company that's abandoning the tablet market and webOS selling these at must certainly be a loss.

Comment Re:duh (Score 4, Informative) 99

Certainly publishers should be able to charge what they want for a book. The rest of what you say is good only... not true. You can find video games on sale for different prices from different stores. If you don't see different products at different prices, you're just not looking hard enough. Modern warfare 3 sells for $59 most places, but I managed to find it for $52. Lots of things go on sale. I could buy the hunger games trilogy in Hardcover from Barnes and Noble for $30 or from Amazon for $22. But the ebooks were the same price everywhere (and inexplicable more expensive than the hardcovers). Nobody cries foul because for other items because, while everyone buys things at the same price, they don't all take the same amount of profit and resell it at the same price. At least they don't have to. Ebooks are a problem because publishers have contracts explicitly saying how much profit a company can, and has to make (the "agent" model).

Comment Happened to me with 7-zip (Score 4, Informative) 228

Needed to install 7-zip on a windows computer, and was in a hurry, so I went to the first Google result instead of sourceforge. I aborted the install when I saw the "install this great toolbar" button. Still, I almost messed up my friend's computer. Important safety tip #1: Google doesn't always produce the result you really want anymore. Important safety tip #2: when installing open source software, Sourceforge is probably where you want to look.

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