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Comment Damn Journalists (Score 4, Insightful) 426

They're the worst kind of terrorist. Fighting with Pen And Truth and using the internet as IED and WMD.

The loyal ones write about what the government want you to believe.
Then there is a bunch of them that write about oil spills and the banking system.
But the worst are those that turn against their government and write the truth.

Comment Re:good (Score 1) 616

Yup. And that is why good education (math) is so important. To educate people to see the things in perspective.
But there is also a role here for the media. People feel less secure, as a result of hyped news coverage, while in fact they are more secure than ever before.

Comment No problem. (Score 1) 169

If such filters were very accurate, it would be great.
Only if it was opt-in of course.

Filter all articles and sites related to [Microsoft|Linux|Apple]
Filter content of [repidlicans|democrats], [gristians|atheists|muslims|Buddhists|other].

Internet would entirely consist of unicorns and kittens!

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