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Comment Haters will hate. (Score 1) 218

It really shouldn't matter what you are. If the metal detector goes off, you have to take off the shoes and every thing else that could cause the alarm. I don't see any reason for exceptions. What's the point of having a metal detector if you're not acting on an alarm...

You can hate the TSA, but at least they're doing their job.

Comment Does it matter? (Score 1) 444

No. There will be more food problems. Food prices will increase, so people in poorer countries will starve. Western world will not care, but just buy their food and say something about capitalism having it's way.

Climate will change and nature will adjust as it did for millions of years. The question is not if the "new" climate will be habitable. It will be. The question is if will fit in.

Comment Do research, don't write code (Score 1) 115

Researchers are good at researching. They can write some code though.
Programmers are good at programming. They know how to write good code that is easy to maintain and adapt.

If you're a researcher with some experience in writing code, you should ask you self, "should I spend that much time writing code, while a programmer does a better job in less time while it has also less bugs, will be reviewed and has unit tests"? Also, how much do you know about design patterns? Sure. Your code works without. Good luck with it. Also good luck with the headache in one year.

Comment Damn Journalists (Score 4, Insightful) 426

They're the worst kind of terrorist. Fighting with Pen And Truth and using the internet as IED and WMD.

The loyal ones write about what the government want you to believe.
Then there is a bunch of them that write about oil spills and the banking system.
But the worst are those that turn against their government and write the truth.

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