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Comment Re:good (Score 1) 616

Yup. And that is why good education (math) is so important. To educate people to see the things in perspective.
But there is also a role here for the media. People feel less secure, as a result of hyped news coverage, while in fact they are more secure than ever before.

Comment No problem. (Score 1) 169

If such filters were very accurate, it would be great.
Only if it was opt-in of course.

Filter all articles and sites related to [Microsoft|Linux|Apple]
Filter content of [repidlicans|democrats], [gristians|atheists|muslims|Buddhists|other].

Internet would entirely consist of unicorns and kittens!

Comment Re:Neither (Score 1) 273

We can vote, but governments are run by money and corporations.

True right now, but we can change that.

I would love to think so, but I doubt it. As long as corporations like Google or Amazon can say "no taxes or else we go to an other place" we have a problem. Or medical companies that "negotiate" ridiculous prices for their medicine.

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