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Comment In other news (Score 1) 778

This week I read about a virus scanner that removes the option to use advances features.
Hold your horses!
What they meant was people were used to the advances features and it wasn't needed any more to call them advanced features.
The features stayed in, but were now called standard features.

Comment Hero (Score 1) 442

Spying on that many innocent people is an act of war on the innocent people.
The americas should be happy that he exposed this horror, so they can change their politics.
Same will be said about other countries when information about them is leaked.

Last thing: my friends don't spy on me.
Those who spy one me are terrorists.

Comment Guns and cars (Score 1) 286

If you handle a gun, your priority is safety. Your safety and that of others. That is your first priority and the only priority.
Traffic is dangerous too, so it's the same there.
If your text messages are so important that it can't wait 10 minutes, you better be so bloody important that you can afford a driver.

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