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Comment Re:Patent (Score 1) 118

They enhanced existing broccoli and patented the enhanced properties of it, but that is done in such a way that even existing types of open source broccoli could/would fall under that patent prohibiting (or pay licence fees) farmers to grow the broccoli that they grew before without licence.

Comment Re:Patent (Score 1) 118

Patent Trolling is one thing. Food Trolling is the part that really pisses me off.
Also Cotton Trolling (trolling the farmers in India). Farmers start to realize Monsanto cotton is not a good solution for them (the seeds are four time as expensive as normal seeds). They want out, but by now there normal cotton seeds are hardly available.

Comment Re:Patent (Score 1) 118

It was the first source I could find. There are many others if you don't like this one.

What Monsanto did here, is take an existing crop and cross-breed (?) it so it is easy to harvest. What they patented is the properties, size of the crown and the stem of the broccoli that make it easy to harvest.. The problem is that broccoli like that already is grown. Suddenly that is not allowed any more. The other problem is they also patented hybrids. So if their broccoli pollutes your open source broccoli, you're fucked. You can be sure you have to pay up. They have done that before.

Comment Re:A solution for prison overcrowding ... (Score 1) 380

If you use a "hard drug" and become addicted to it and can afford your habit, that's your problem.

No. I totally agree, but how often does that happen?

Having something in your pocket that other people disapprove of is not a crime and has no victim.

I see your point, but my point is that there are so many ifs and buts that the discussion about "consenting adults" is mainly a theoretical discussion. Reality is different. In daily life people are just not free to do what they want. In general, yes, but not as a rule. Take gay marriage between two consenting adults.

Most drug users are not able to support their need by them selves and cause many problems for society. Or to put it, they're not able to behave along the line of consenting adults so no freedom of drug use.

Apart from that, the war on drugs is a waste of money. Is that money was spent on prevention, drugs related crime and taking care (basic shelter, clean needles, some medical care) of the drug user. there would probably even be a lot of money left for these people:

Comment Re:A solution for prison overcrowding ... (Score 1) 380

It is great to say consenting adults should be a allowed to take drugs (somewhere in the beginning of this thread), but the people affected by using hard drugs, alcohol abuse or texting while driving hardly were consenting.
In general others will always be affected by it so as a rule of thumb many actions will fail the status of consenting.
So "consenting adults" is a very hypothetical concept that is meaningless in daily life.
Well. Maybe not totally. There is the law and by law we consent to that.
As for "land of the free". The rest of the world did not consent to the consequences of that fiction either.

Comment Scrum master, product backlog, communication. (Score 2) 221

Don't push back the deadline.
A new requirement / feature is given a priority and added to the product backlog.
It's not added to the sprint backlog.

I'm sure the customer can wait one week longer for a proper release with the new functionality.
If the feature request is so important that it ABSOLUTELY has to be in THIS release, restart the sprint from the beginning.
But that should be an exception, since it disrupts the production cycle.

Of course you explain these procedures with the customer and make sure he knows why it is important to stick to the production cycle (quality, productivity).

Also work on you Definition of Done.
Make sure you put "all unit tests passed" on that.

Comment No shit Sherlock (Score 2) 95

What I'm really shocked about is that you need a university to figure this out. Or rather do research on this. Companies figured this out quite some time ago and anyone with a functioning brain can see why.
What I'm more interested in is that king of people spend their time in participating in programs like this. The chances that you find a bug are not that big. The financial reward, given the amount of time you will spend on finding a bug is probably also relatively small.
From a company's point of view on the other hand, it's great. Many people working for you. For free. A job well done :)

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