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Comment Re:Do it like the GDR? (Score 4, Interesting) 381

In addition to what you wrote:

As a further measure to prevent escapes, the patrol patterns of the Grenztruppen were carefully arranged to reduce any chance of a border guard defecting. Patrols, watchtowers and observation posts were always manned by two or three soldiers at a time. They were not allowed to go out of each other's sight in any circumstances. When changing the guard in watchtowers, they were under orders to enter and exit the buildings in such a way that there were never fewer than two people on the ground. Duty rosters were organised to prevent friends and roommates being assigned to the same patrols. The pairings were switched (though not randomly) to ensure that the same people did not repeatedly carry out duty together. Individual border guards did not know until the start of their shift with whom they would be working that day. If a guard attempted to escape, his colleagues were under instructions to shoot him without hesitation or prior warning.

Comment Limit access perhaps? (Score 2) 381

"According to the report, which scrutinized the approval of security clearances, more than 483,000 government contractors had "top secret" clearance as of last October. On top of that, another 582,000 have "confidential" or "secret" clearance."

That is... WELL OVER ONE MILLION PEOPLE with access to sensitive information. More or less 1 in every 300 citizens of 'murica.
If you don't see a potential data breach here, I really don't know what you're looking for.

Snowden made the information public, but who knows how many others sent information to foreign agencies? With one million people with access I bet data breaches happen quite more often than this one case.

Comment Stop this shit. (Score 1) 222

It's called speculation for a reason.
A long term investment in a company that you believe has a bright future: yes, please.
Speculation to make some quick money: die die die.

Dark pools? I don't even want to know what kind of shady way THIS is to ruin the already corrupt financial system.

And while I have the undivided attention of the NSA: Banks and stock markets. That's where you will find terrorists that ruin whole societies.

Comment Re:A solution for prison overcrowding ... (Score 1) 380

"medical support" in this case sort of includes the other expenses as well...
War on drugs is indeed a waste of money.

My reaction was mainly about "finally recognizing that anything consenting adults want to do is NOT a crime" and then referring to the zombie on you tube.
As consenting adult you're simply not free to do whatever you want.

Comment Re:Snowden is never leaving Russia (Score 1) 380

Of and there is still this conceptual thing called transit bubble:
He could be anywhere in Russia in his own transit bubble.

Interesting concept. Could you declare your own transit bubble?

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