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Comment Just label it (Score 2) 204

If it's clear to me what king of food it it, it's fine with me.
If you want your future kids to have super human powers or gills, take the chance. Eat it!

There are numerous examples where commercial interest was greater than common sense. If anyone wants to gamble, PLEASE go ahead, but leave me out of it.

Comment why... (Score 1) 471

1. We believe the orders are without merit,
2. a waste of German taxpayers' money and
3. we will fight it vigorously,

1. Don't think too much. If the lay says lump, you jump. Either that, or you go to an other country with different laws. (Or do "I AM THE LAW")
2. HOW can it be that fb wastes taxpayers money, unless they will do that by doing 3.
3. Stop wasting my money!

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