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Comment Re:power plant (Score 1) 72

and where did the natural gas come from? Dead plants... covered over my erosion caused by weather patterns... all water and sun my friend.

I wasn't denigrating steam. I've a small DIY steam engine myself and take my kid to a steam engine fair every fall. It's a great technology. I plan on building a larger one some day to power a generator as literally any fuel will work to heat it and there-by generate electricity.

Comment Re:what about the musicians? (Score 1) 196

Ok, well I'm into metal so:

Sonata Arctica
Devin Townsend
Symphony X

The non-metal:
Guthrie Govan -- hes in a lot of bands, anything he does is amazing
Ye Banished Privateers (of course)
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

and on and on...
There are more metal bands today than there were in the early 90s when metal was at its peak.

Comment Re:what about the musicians? (Score 4, Informative) 196

Total bullshit. Having been a musician for decades and having dealt with music label reps... you get ripped off, at ALL levels. The labels throw you scraps to keep you on the hook but they're taking all the real money. It's only when musicians have the financial savvy and balls to start their own label that they start making any money. But then they drop off the map because the big name labels control what gets on the radio and MTV. The Metal Screen is a great example. Metal is doing great, with almost no radio play at all. You don't see them anywhere and Music awards are given to shit bands like Metallica every year while the real interesting stuff is being recorded in sophisticated home studios and released on Japanese, eastern Europe or even self owned labels. They're touring, making money, doing well... but you'll never hear a damned thing about it because the labels don't want them to steal market share.

You've got bands like Symphony X, Opeth, even Iron Maiden filling soccer stadiums, yet you never hear about it. Iron Maidens last album in 2012 sold more copies than all of their other albums combined, yet you hear nothing about it.

This isn't just happening in metal either, it's every genre. There's been an explosion in music in the past 10 years. The labels don't like it because it's fracturing the industry. They want maybe 5 kinds of music so it's easy to control. What it's turning into is art... and they don't like that.

Comment Re:Stupidity on a Massive Scale is still Stupidity (Score 1) 81

"Nirvana fallacy"

Nirvana ASSUMPTION. You read more into it than what I actually wrote.

My point wasn't whether it was useful or not. I was criticizing GP for confusing "designed" with "intended".

The fact is that biometrics is a woefully flawed science. As someone else pointed out here, no matter how well "designed", biometrics is actually a "username", not a "password". So no matter how well intended, OR how well designed, the concept is fundamentally flawed and can never work completely as intended.

Comment Re:Gross, but... (Score 1) 618

Do you have any insights as to why they might have been made illegal in the first place?

Because telling other people how they must live is an irresistable urge among the small-minded. All of the reasons boil down to that. Drugs are hardly unique in this sense.

If the intention were to reduce harm as much as possible, prohibition is one of the least effective methods and all of the research shows this. But these are not people who are interested in facts, in measuring the effectiveness of their own solutions and no longer using methods that don't work. That would lead to conclusions that would interfere with pontificating to others about how they should live.

"Live and let live" and the notion of "consenting adults" do not occur to the small-minded.

Comment Re:Gross, but... (Score 1) 618

Maybe someday the US will make laws based on science and reality, as opposed to "morality"

I'm not an atheist and I sincerely believe that one of the most immoral things we tolerate today is the effort to tell other people how they should live. That desire is the primary motive behind the War on (some) Drugs. What other people read, watch, think, believe, ingest, and generally anything (anything) consenting adults wish to do is absolutely none of my fucking business. Government has no case for its involvement unless a third party is victimized in some way.

I believe your problem is with organized religion, not with the concept of God itself and certainly not with any kind of genuine spirituality as practiced by thinking individuals. Incidentally I also can't stand the people who must win a convert and cannot respect that you believe what you believe (or not) for your own reasons. It's again a desire to control and make others like oneself and it's just plain evil trying to masquerade as good.

Comment Re:oops (Score 0) 154

"This is SLC flash, like all hybrid drives, which has orders of magnitude more write cycles (but is a lot more expensive per GB)."

Um... NO. 3 times, maybe 5 times faster. Orders of magnitude? Pretty much NO.

Also, it is not "a lot more expensive" these days. A bit more, sure.

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