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Comment Re:Freedoms (Score 0) 156

In a self proclaimed republic, or Nation-state as they like to be called these days, citizens are responsible for the actions of the state. The whole principle of Nation-State is that they get their power by it being delegated to the state by it's citizens.
The "I can't be held liable for the car crash because I had set the curse-control and was in the back of the RV making a sandwich at the time of the accident." defense doesn't work.

  Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court. (The Rome Statute was agreed upon in 1998 as the foundational document of the International Criminal Court, established to try those individuals accused of serious international crimes.) Article 33, titled "Superior Orders and prescription of law,"[5] states:
1. The fact that a crime within the jurisdiction of the Court has been committed by a person pursuant to an order of a Government or of a superior, whether military or civilian, shall not relieve that person of criminal responsibility unless:
          (a) The person was under a legal obligation to obey orders of the Government or the superior in question;
          (b) The person did not know that the order was unlawful; and
          (c) The order was not manifestly unlawful.
2. For the purposes of this article, orders to commit genocide or crimes against humanity are manifestly unlawful.

PS Yes I am a stateless person.

Comment Lynch's Law upheld again. (Score 1) 156

The term "Lynch's Law" was used as early as 1782 by a prominent Virginian named Charles Lynch to describe his actions in suppressing a suspected Loyalist uprising in 1780 during the American Revolutionary War. The suspects were given a summary trial at an informal court; sentences handed down included whipping, property seizure, coerced pledges of allegiance, and conscription into the military. Charles Lynch's extralegal actions were retroactively legitimized by the Virginia General Assembly in 1782.

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