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Comment Two ruined disks (Score 1) 583

1. I did not know I was not supposed to change the orientation of the 360, that left a really nasty scratched out ring about halfway down the radius of the disc (Oblivion). I was never able to buff the scratch out, even with a buffing machine. I always RTFM, and I don't remember a warning on changing the orientation of the console while a disc was inside. I ended up burning my surplus points in to get a replacement disc.

2. I left a disc inside of the Xbox while the house was being fumigated. The poison seeped into the Xbox and somehow the disk soaked it in and the surface became cloudy. No scratches, the surface remained smooth, but it looked pretty fogged. I don't see how I can blame Microsoft for this one, I should had just shut everything down before I left the house.


Submission + - Apple Offering 'Fake Steve' Cash to Close Shop (

An anonymous reader writes: Daniel Lyons, a.k.a. Fake Steve Jobs, made a post earlier today about how Apple was apparently offering him some money (in the wake of the ThinkSecret shutdown) to end his blog 'The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs', and that he was interested in taking it. A few hours later, Lyons made another post, saying that Apple's lawyers had contacted him angrily, saying the details of the deal were supposed to remain private. Could this be the end of the blog which has entertained us with the egomaniac rantings of "Steve" for the past year?

Submission + - AllPeers released under MPL, GPL licenses

plosion writes: AllPeers has been released as open source. The application is a Firefox-only extension that allows for the creation of private P2P networks between users. "AllPeers are hoping to stir interest in the Firefox-only P2P application by announcing the move to an open-source licensing scheme for the client application. The source code has been released and is dual-licensed under the Mozilla Public License (MPL) and GNU General Public License (GPL)."
PC Games (Games)

Submission + - PC Gaming's Future Evolution

Dr. Eggman writes: is reporting on the GDC panel "PC Gaming in an Age of Connected Consoles", and their views on the PC. Unlike the usual doom and gloom about the "death" of PC games, this panel's has suggested that the death is of PC games as we know it; in that PC games will evolve. They believe PC gaming's future lies in it's strenghs like persistent-world environments, not just as MMOs but anything that has elements of a persistent nature such as Battlefield 2142. They go on to describe the PC's greatest edge over consoles: user created content and the supportive game communities built around it. The article also cited the panel's views on the weaknesses inherent in consoles' closed networks and content control.
Operating Systems

Submission + - Virtualization Is Not All Roses

An anonymous reader writes: Vendors and magazines are all over virtualization like a rash, like it is the saviour for IT-kind. Not always, writes analyst Andi Mann in this Computerworld article.

Submission + - Fog Machine Blinds Car Thieves

aariasp writes: "Thieve brakes into car, car sprays him with thick fog so that he can't see anything. He can't take items from the car or try to drive away. Very public too. Story has been picked up by wired, c-net, Gizmodo, etc...,72 886-0.html?tw=wn_index_6 curity-this-time-the-fog-is-inside-the-car-242183. php We had this product for retail stores, but it's also proving popular for cars. also at"

Submission + - OneGeology project launches

An anonymous reader writes: A project bringing together scientists from more than 55 countries, start next week, will pool national geological survey information and present it on the Internet for all to see. From the article: "The geological data exists. What we are trying to do is unlock it and make it universally available," Ian Jackson of the British Geological Survey told a news conference on Thursday. "It is like piecing together a global jigsaw puzzle." "We believe that increasing the availability of geological data will increase our knowledge of environmental factors that affect human health and welfare," he added. One aim will be to start to identify deep geological structures that might be used for the safe long-term storage of the main greenhouse gas carbon dioxide produced from burning fossil fuels to generate electricity."

Feed NHL Union Denies E-mail Spying (

The union's chief Ted Saskin denies monitoring player's e-mails, pointing fingers at his predecessor Bob Goodenow, who also denied the spying allegations. By the Associated Press.


Submission + - Vonage ordered to pay Verizon $58M

head_dunce writes: "A federal jury on Thursday found that Internet phone carrier Vonage Holdings Corp. had infringed on Verizon Communications Inc.'s patents and ordered Vonage to pay $58 million. Still undetermined is whether Vonage will be barred from using Verizon's technology. Following the verdict, attorneys for New York-based Verizon requested a permanent injunction barring Vonage from further use of the patented technology."
The Internet

Submission + - My Yahoo! Gets Web 2.0 Makeover

ReadWriteWeb writes: "Yahoo has announced a new version of its long-running personalized homepage, My Yahoo!. It features a new design that is similar to the beta released last year. It has a lot more Ajax interactivity, a full-text RSS Reader, and more personalization options (e.g. sharing). My Yahoo currently gets 50 million monthly users worldwide and so it is the biggest "personalized homepage" on the market. As such Yahoo is careful about rolling out new ajax and web 2.0 features — in order to avoid the user backlash that, and recently, USAToday received. The My Yahoo! beta will at first only be available to a limited number of users, but over the coming months it'll gradually be rolled out to all users."

Submission + - UK Conservatives want Open Source

aileanmacraith writes: "According to an article on the BBC, the Tories want to switch the UK Government to open-source software. They claim that it will save 5% of the IT expenditure and open up competition. From the article:

'[Shadow Chancellor George] Osborne said that despite a government report in 2004 saying there would be "significant savings" in hardware and software if open source software was used, many government departments had not implemented it. "The problem is that the cultural change has not taken place in government,"'.

Submission + - How to make a screensaver?

micromegas writes: "The high school where I teach is starting our second semester and I want to kick off the programming II class with a user interface project. I was hoping to have the kids code their own screensavers. Our school is using K12LTSP, Fedora Core 5 with gcc and FreeBasic. I'm having some difficulty finding a tutorial or any information on how to go about this. Does anyone have any resources, information or direction for us?"

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