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Journal Journal: /. Home of the random political non sequitur

Now In Articles!

Am I the only person who reads this site thats sick of the constant political crap? I must be... between inflamatory sigs, jokes that aren't really funny, and the new political section, I'm really tired of the same stuff constantly reguritated here.

I liked this site much more a year ago. It seems like the whole place has gotten a lot more political and a lot less technical. Why do people feel such a strong need to plug their politics whenever they have the chance. Heck half of the time, when their views are counter to mine, it makes me not even want to consider them as correct... but its not what they're saying its how they say it. blech....

I feel better now, having ranted.

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Journal Journal: grrrrr, stupid moderators

Well, I got a troll mod on my post today... I guess thats what I get for trying to make a joke. I know I don't have a great sense of humor but I thought I was being silly enough for it to be obious... I think this is why I dont post very much on the internet.

Eh, I feel better now thats off my chest. That and if anyone looks at my posting history they might also relise I was trying to be funny and I mustn't have fulled it off. Blech

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Journal Journal: Yopy vs. English

After reading the article on the Yopy ( and then viewing their site I one again noticed those funny translation-isms you see on a lot of tech sites written by non-native speakers of english. I don't know about you, but I've never called any hardware 'joyful'. :-)

Sometimes I wonder how much it would cost them to hire someone (a kid in highshcool?) to just quickly proofread the site for things that sound funny like that. It would make the site look that much more professional.

PS. This damn postbox is too small!

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Journal Journal: My... First Post

I think I've been reading this site long enough that I might as well join in the converstation.

Maybe I'll even start using this journal thing regularly. ;-)

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