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Comment Re:*Fwooosh!* (Score 1) 471

Everytime something new and sexy comes to desktop PCs that does not depend on windows or microsoft, microsoft loses power.

So now we may have web browsing and voip on power up with no need for explorer or windows. Soon we may have bios-knoppix or bios-ubuntu, with openoffice and support for external media. I bet that would make for some sleepless nights in Redmond.

Feed The Register: Toshiba readies Cell-based graphics engine (

Watch out, Nvidia, here comes... er... SpursEngine

Toshiba will next week formally announce a processor based on the Cell chip that sits inside each Sony PlayStation 3 games console. The new CPU will be pitched not only at consumer electronics kit but set head-to-head with today's PC and Mac graphics chips.

User Journal

Journal Journal: Hello?

Ummm... no fans, no foes, no journal.

Fixed Journal. This is my first and probably last entry in this journal.

Now to find some fans and foes.

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