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Comment Re:So, they returned a server (Score 1) 267

Incorrect on so many levels. I had equipment that was seized by the FBI. My equipment was in a shared cage in a large colo. All they have to do is show the search warrant to the building owner or their agent. The warrant will be specific as to what location and what property they are allowed to seize. I hired a law firm and fought this for 2 years. Neither myself or my company was named in the warrant but because we shared space with the named company they where allowed to seize my equipment. The court ruled that since the accused had access to the physical devices the seizure was good. we even appealed to the 5th circuit and they upheld the lower court. The FBI did very quickly let me have images of the hard drives so I could restore other servers. If a warrant is presented to the property owner and they are asked to not share that info than they can get charged for doing so.

Comment Peice The Corp Veil (Score 1) 120

Let me preface this with I am not a lawyer and I don't play one on TV. It is possible to go after the corp partners. The LLC does not protect you in case of fraud. Since Righthaven did not own the copyrights and filed suit anyway. This caused the defendant to have to defend himself to fraudulent accusations. If it can be shown that Righthaven knew or should have known that they had no standing to bring suit then the hurdle to pierce the corp veil is low. I think that that since the judge has ruled against Righthaven at every turn that a ruling to pierce the LLC and allow the partners to be held liable would not be a hard case to make.

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