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Submission + - Model describes universe with no big bang (

JustABlitheringIdiot writes: From the article:

By suggesting that mass, time, and length can be converted into one another as the universe evolves, Wun-Yi Shu has proposed a new class of cosmological models that may fit observations of the universe better than the current big bang model. What this means specifically is that the new models might explain the increasing acceleration of the universe without relying on a cosmological constant such as dark energy, as well as solve or eliminate other cosmological dilemmas such as the flatness problem and the horizon problem.

Submission + - Amazon Introduces $139 WiFi Only Kindle (

b0bby writes: Bloomberg reports " introduced two new versions of the device, including a $139 model that works with Wi-Fi. A second version, with 3G mobile technology as well as Wi-Fi to download books, costs $189. ...The latest Kindles are thinner and lighter than previous versions and feature faster page turns and sharper resolution. They’re also designed for easier reading in sunlight and have batteries that will last for a month on a single charge — two weeks longer than the previous model."

Comment Re:Good! (Score 1) 297

Dr. Who left him in the present. He's actually a retail book manager at Futuremart. They went for a male love interest this time around but they had a argument and he's stuck in our time working as a retail manager at Wal-mart. He logs into Slashdot to be in the midst of history. Hopefully he won't mess up the time line.

Comment 'Go' doesn't go far enough (Score 1) 878

I tried my hardest back in college to really like programming. I failed. I was taught VB and Java. I just couldn't get around how foreign it is to me to think and write the way programmers do. I think we need a real natural language programming language that anyone can understand to use. Why not put the brains at Google to create such a programming language. I have been looking at Google's App Creator and it looks really neat. Visually creating programs is also another way to get people into programming.

Comment "Protecting the Consumers" (Score 1) 709

All the broadband companies interest is just protecting themselves to a constant stream of income without regard to the health of the internet. The Internet to them is just a revenue stream. Their interest is shaping the internet to maximize that stream. "Protecting the Consumers" is just a phrase used to blanket the problem of broadband trying to shape the internet into cable.

Comment Re:What Advertisers Don't Understand (Score 1) 66

When the time comes, you will seek them. Most people just look in the phone book. That's where the ad should be. If anything, having such an ad when your grandma is not doing well is actually a turn-off. It depresses people. I'm fine with TV ads but when you have a picture of your own grandma and then an ad for a funeral home, that just goes over the line. It's like having pics of young men with accompanying ad for beer or condoms. Or a teenage girl and an ad for birth-control. The ads are fine where they belong, but they don't belong associated with a picture you personally put up yourself.

Comment What Advertisers Don't Understand (Score 1) 66

People don't want invasive ads. I like the ads of yesteryear. All they did was provide information. Nowadays I've got ads that try to appeal to my emotions. It's ridiculous. Why such the rampant ads with children? Their only purpose is to attract women into buying said items. It appeals to the mother in them. For men,they see lots of commercials about young boys and baseball. Also young girls and how they are princesses. Appealing to emotions, I think is going to far. Why would I want an emotional response to a box of cereal? Ads for me are just a vehicle to provide information about a product or service I may want to use. The whole concept of using pictures, that you yourself have taken, to funnel ads also goes too far. Imagine if it could discern the age of individuals. Would you like to have the local funeral home advertising just because there is a picture of grandma on the screen? Of course not.

Comment Things I would like to do with Milo (Score 5, Funny) 270

1) Walk around naked in Milo's presence. How would he react? Is Milo into women or men?

2) Drink beer in the presence of Milo. Would Milo care for some and if yes, can Milo become drunk?

3) Mess with Milo's logic.

4) Scare Milo by saying that it was created by Microsoft and therefore is evil.

5) Teach Milo to fart.

6) Tell Milo he is a pirated version.

7) Convert Milo to a religion.

Comment Absurd (Score 1) 450

This truly is absurd. Prince, of all people, declares the internet is over. How did he come to this assessment? The internet is now like a utility. Can he make the claim that electricity, gas, and water are over? More likely that his music career is over and he can't figure out how to use the internet.

Comment College Fund (Score 3, Insightful) 234

Hopefully this will amount to a nice college fund for the kid. But in reality, the parents will use all the money to buy TVs and a car. I can't believe the father quit his job over this. Does he really think this is really gonna support his family in 5 years time?
Also, this kid is gonna have to live with this for the rest of his life.

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