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Comment Re:Cognitive dissonance (Score 1) 1205

First, you don't mean fascism. You're referring to socialism. And it's not even socialism because the government does not own the companies doing the work or selling the product.

Second, companies can drill new wells offshore. The drill requests are getting approved. Offshore drilling and pipelines are regulated for their environmental and security impact, but that doesn't mean they are not capitalist.

Comment Re:Cognitive dissonance (Score 1) 1205

You're either a troll or Republican shill. You must know what you're typing is false or at least misleading.

Congress gave the administration 2 months to approve the Keystone pipeline, knowing full well it wouldn't be enough time to complete an environmental investigation. So the administration was given two choices: approve a potentially dangerous massive project or not approve it. It has nothing at all to do with blocking oil refinement and wanting to raise prices. The consequences of the project must be researched first.

Second, if you think Obama has no clear overall plan, it's because you're choosing not to read what they publish. How about looking at the budget proposal? Or the papers from the Secretary of Energy and others. No, instead you ignore their plans because you disagree with them, or maybe you're one of those who hate everything done by the administration whether it's right or wrong.

Comment Re:The "speculator" boogieman has already come out (Score 1) 1205

I don't disagree with you, but the Koch brothers directly stated (in 2008?) that their oil speculation earned them $0.20 to $0.40 per gallon of gasoline in the US that year. That's every gallon of gas sold, they were able to calculate their average earnings from being speculators.

Oil speculators aren't the primary driver of oil prices, but they are a major factor.

Comment Re:Cognitive dissonance (Score 4, Insightful) 1205

Not only that, but these people who love the free market are complaining that the president isn't playing dictator and directly controlling gas prices. They want an open market for oil, which is exactly what we have today, yet blame the president for how that open market acts. I'm not shocked at their own hypocrisy, I'm just always surprised at how many people fall for it.

Comment Examples (Score 4, Interesting) 278

Of the 4 examples in this post, "flu", "agent", and "cops drill" aren't inappropriate things to monitor (if it's appropriate to monitor at all, which is another story). "Flu" tracking is important for epidemics. Discussions of the location of cops and agents seems to make sense too. Again, I think it's silly they're trying to monitor social networks to this level, but if they're going to do it those aren't the worst keywords.

Also, I guess now I'm going to be tracked for discussing the keywords. How very meta.

Comment Re:Until... (Score 4, Informative) 267

That's how OS X works now. We've gone through a bunch of printers at my office, and a variety of brands. Each one just needs a wifi password set, then the desktop lets us print to it with no question. It just appears in the list of available printers.

OS X comes with a long list of drivers installed. Apple would love to drop those, partly because it involves a lot of coordination with printer manufacturers. Little from the customer perspective would likely change.

Comment Re:How does a "small firm" have so much tech? (Score 1) 114

If you're "pretty much the IT systems guy" this company doesn't care about IT

One IT guy for an organization of 30 is totally reasonable. Unless their company's focus is in something IT-related (web services, hosting, etc.), one person should definitely be able to manage the IT of a very small company.

Comment PHP & Python (Score 4, Informative) 519

I use PHP for 90% of my work because it's the right tool for the job. We can also bring other developers up to speed on our own framework and projects pretty fast.

There are times when Python is a better fit. The fact that it remains running across page loads can be very handy (as opposed to every request to PHP being completely distinct, which has its own advantages). A continuously running app is often better for backend processing, especially when interacting with third party systems.

Comment Re:Ah, America! (Score 1) 562

Credit card charges will probably cost them as much as mailing that paper

I doubt it. With their volume and fraud prevention they get an extremely low rate. Paper adds employees, postal fees, office space, printers, etc. Just the fact they can have less employees without paper makes their public financial statements looks better (higher revenue per employee, lower capital expenditures, etc.).

Comment Re:Go read up on the process (Score 1) 104

The difference now is that soldiers and citizens are dying every day and it's being reported in the news. It's very easy for a politician to say something is necessary for the current war while we all know people are dying. The USSR was the perpetual boogie man who was most scary for what they didn't do. But the "war on terror" has hit US soil and soldiers are on the ground. One thing they have in common is politicians will the use the situation to their advantage.

Comment Re:Go read up on the process (Score 3, Insightful) 104

I think what gets declassified now is great. What I'm talking about is the future. Only in the last 10 years have we been in what the government calls a permanent war on terror. In 30 years we could still be in perpetual war, based on the current crop of politicians we elect. So they'll surely redact more of the information from 2000 on if we're still in the exact same "war".

Comment Re:WhoreDaddy (Score 1) 203

the only provider that is FAR worse, is 1&1

I know this is just one person's opinion, but I've been using 1&1 for years and I've been very happy with them. I have about 20 domains there and never had a single problem.

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